Are you in the process of deciding what you’d like to study at University? Haven’t made your mind up yet? We asked a few of our student bloggers to share their top tips and advice for choosing the right course, and here’s what they had to say…

1.“The tip that I would give would be to study what you love and what you have an interest in. I know many people who have not done this and their grades take the hit as they simply don’t enjoy the subject they are being taught enough.” Alwyn Harries, studying English and Creative Writing.

2. “My top tip is to pick a subject you can see yourself spending a lot of time on or for the next three/four years without getting bored!” Jason Amartey, studying Biomedical Science.

3. “My tip for choosing the right course would be to do some work experience or do lots of research about the career you think you want. I did work experience with an environmental health department at a local authority before studying it at Uni because there are so many aspects to the course and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was letting myself in for!” Amelia Rivers, studying Environmental Health.

4. “I would recommend taking a look at future jobs you might want to get and see what qualifications and experience they require and then choose a course which will help with that.” Abigail Stacey, studying Sport & Exercise Science.

5. “My tip would be to choose something that you love and want to learn more about. I actually had a place to do American Studies at another university which I deferred as I wasn’t ready to go to Uni yet. Then I did my foundation year and did ceramics for the first time – I enjoyed it so much that I decided to change my whole plan and study a ceramics degree at Cardiff Met. You need to have a passion for your course and you need to have the drive to stick at it. At the end of the day one is going to tell you to do it; you have to tell yourself!” Charlotte Manser, studying Ceramics.