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Duke and cheetahs

Earlier this year during my BSc Sport Coaching degree at Cardiff Met I was involved in the Volunteer Zambia project. I feel blessed and privileged to have been a part of something so inspiring and rewarding.

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In 2015 as a first year Sport and PE student, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Lusaka, Zambia for seven and a half weeks as part of the Cardiff Met Zambia Project.
I worked as a coach and PE teacher at a community school with two other British university students. …

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As my alarm goes off at 8am, I turn onto my side and decide that it’s time to change the song again. No matter which song you choose, you always end up loathing it don’t you? Oh well. Now I know 8am doesn’t sound too bad, but training didn’t finish till quite late yesterday and when I first wake up I’m always convinced my body could use some more sleep!

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I’m now a manager for product testing at the Adidas headquarters in Bavaria. I’m in charge of the running and swimming clothing categories. I manage the testing process which involves organising and overseeing wear tests, examining garments, writing test reports and communicating the results with our marketing, design and development departments. I am in constant contact with Adidas athletes and I’m always trying to find new product testers. I love my job and I’m proud that all the hard work and effort paid off.

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Private halls are much like the halls provided by Cardiff Metropolitan University on campus, however the ones on campus are mainly offered to first year students. After your first year you have to search for new accommodation such as living in a shared house, or moving in to privately-managed halls (this means halls run by another company, not by the Uni). During second year I was in a shared house with my boyfriend and two friends but after this experience, I can now see the benefits and the ease of staying in halls!

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I was recently invited to attend the annual Cardiff Met Sports Awards, as a result of my cheerleading and powerlifting. It was such a great night where we got a chance to dress up, have a nice meal and celebrate all the sporting achievements of the year!

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On a drizzly Cardiff afternoon the middle of winter, we caught up with 4th year Strength and Conditioning student Emily Allen. The 23 year-old is captain of the Cardiff Met Ladies women’s football team, who have an impressive track record of success on behalf of the University in the BUCS Southern Premier, as well as at elite level in the Welsh Women’s Premier League.

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My goals when I started University were; to have fun, make friends and get good grades – so far it’s going great! I am pretty sure that everyone’s goals will be very similar, so I thought I would write something a bit different to the usual ‘student advice’ posts, and instead talk about what not to do when starting University!

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BUCS stands for British University and Colleges Sport, and Wednesday (if you haven’t come across this word before) is a day of the week! Put them together and you have BUCS Wednesday. This is hands down the best day of the week at Cardiff Met’s Cyncoed Campus!

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