February 18, 2016

The repetitive beep of an alarm echoes close by; I hope it’s not mine. My arm stretches out of the warm covers patting around trying to locate my phone. I squint at the screen: 7am.

Without giving it a second thought, the snooze button is pressed. “It’s only ten minutes” I whisper as my eyes return back to their closed position.

The sound of the alarm pierces my ears again. Ten minutes already? It can’t be! In my head I debate what I would have to sacrifice from my morning routine for those five minutes. Shower? Breakfast? Coffee? At this point I realise I’ve wasted those five minutes debating with myself! Too late!

I drag myself out of bed and head for the shower. I plan for a quick wash but instead spend at least fifteen minutes performing my rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits album. Thank goodness these walls are almost soundproof.



Clothes on, and looking somewhat presentable for the day I head to the kitchen for some breakfast and put the kettle on ready to make the strongest coffee possible. My flat mates aren’t around but the remains of their dirty dishes lead me to the conclusion that they are indeed, still alive.

Breakfast is quick and easy today; Quaker Oats: just add milk and cook for two minutes in the microwave. PING! Perfect porridge every time! After breakfast I head back to my room, grab my bag and head for class.

As an Early Childhood and Literacy student I only have two seminars today; Literacy and Child Development. The Literacy aspect to my degree is separated into three modules. The modules are: Once Upon a Time, Mind Inside a Cave, and To Infinity and Beyond. As you can see, they’re all titles that you would associate with literacy and reading. My Literacy seminar today is two hours long and consists of learning about the different type of grammar used in everyday life. You’d think it would be simple learning about grammar having being taught it throughout school, but in reality it’s still hard to grasp, especially when it comes to defining it and having to explain how to use it!

The Early Childhood aspect, or E.C.S as we call it, is also separated into three modules. These modules are: Just Playing, Understanding a Child’s World, and When I Grow Up: Child Development. Today’s seminar is about child development and how we as practitioners can aid the development of a child. The areas of development we looked at were social, emotional, cognitive, physical and linguistic and we discussed how the environment in which the child lives could affect these areas of development.

Once classes are over I meet up with my flat mate and take the bus to Albany Road for some grocery shopping. Today it’s just a few things: bread, milk, eggs, and apples – maybe a sneaky purchase of some chocolate doughnuts. I regularly tell myself I will be healthier tomorrow, but it never happens. Once home from shopping, I take a nap until around 4pm.

Some light reading!

Some light reading…

Feeling refreshed and energised I complete some reading required for my upcoming assignments on play and how the environment can affect the holistic development of the child. I have found that it is essential to always plan and prepare for assignments well ahead of time! I write down some quotes and draft a plan – that’s enough for today. “Write little, write often” as one of my lecturers would say!

For dinner, its chilli con carne and rice. At the beginning of the week I usually make a big batch and separate it out into freezable portions that I can quickly and easily defrost to eat. As a flatmate in shared accomodation, it’s also important to always clean up after yourself!

After dinner, I spend the rest of the evening Skyping with my girlfriend in Barcelona. We have a long distance relationship, which can be hard, but I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. After a long and much need Skype date, I prepare my things for the next day and head off to bed.