February 18, 2016

As the Clock strikes 7 am, the familiar yet unwelcome sound of the alarm blares out like a loud horn. Groaning as I leave the warm embrace of my bed, I realise I don’t have any lectures until 11 am. So what do I do with the extra 2 hours I have to spare? Do what any student will do and go back to bed!

Fast-forward 2 hours later and I wake up feeling a lot better. Those extra 2 hours really worked wonders. Now I am ready to take on the day!

After sorting out all I need, I set out for a long day of lectures. As I head to the bus stop to catch a bus to the Llandaff campus, I feel relieved I have the Met Rider pass. This is card that allows me to be able to catch any Cardiff Bus the whole academic year. It’s such a lifesaver, as I don’t have to worry about having the exact amount of change to get on the bus – here in Cardiff there’s no such thing as getting change from a bus driver (I know…it’s very strange isn’t it)! The bus gets me to the campus with a few minutes spare before my 11 am Molecular cell Biology Lecture.

Molecular cell Biology is one of the 8 modules I am doing in my second year of BSc Biomedical Science here at Cardiff Met. It’s such an interesting course and I am really enjoying learning new things literally every day. After this lecture, I have an hour break before a physiology tutorial.

Tutorials are slightly different from a lecture; they are composed of smaller groups and are a lot more personal as you can have more of an interaction with the lecturer. These are useful, especially if you want to ask a question, but not in front of 150+ students! After this tutorial, I have a few more lectures before I finish at 5pm.

I rush to get the bus as I have athletics training at 6pm down at the NIAC on the Cyncoed campus. Today I have a track session so I made sure I packed all the essentials that I need, such as my running spikes.

After a tiring but enjoyable training session, I head down to my house in Cathays (aka “studentville” as this area is full of uni students) to prepare dinner as I am starving!

It has been a rather long day, so after dinner, I rewrite some notes and then have some down time to chill before another hectic day tomorrow.