February 18, 2016

A young woman kicks a football

6.45AM and my alarm goes off. I weigh up the importance of straightening my hair compared to having more sleep and opt for the snooze button.

6.54AM (a good 9 minutes of sleep later) and I am now ready to get out of bed. I change quickly into my Cardiff Met kit- Tuesday’s mean maroon shorts and a grey t-shirt. After packing my bag which must include the necessities: a laptop, a notepad, a pen, my football boots, plenty of snacks and drink, headphones and of course a coat (it is Wales remember) then I’m ready to leave. The walk to my car seems longer than usual – parking in Cardiff can be a nightmare!

A young woman deadlifts in the gym

Training in the gym

7.45AM and I arrive at NIAC ready to train. There have already been teams in here since 6.30AM and I’m here still yawning away! Today’s session normally consists of squats, bench presses; pull ups and box jumps to name a few of the activities. To say I worked up an appetite is an understatement!

9.00AM and I’m off to the SU with some of the girls to get breakfast – poached eggs on toast are always a winner.

9.30AM and I’m in the library, Starbucks in hand. (if there’s one thing that university teaches you, it will be that caffeine is a Godsend) After a quick gossip with friends about other teams results, I plug my headphones in and get to work. Dissertation time. Except for the odd person tapping me on my shoulder and asking for help or a snack I get on considerably well, and before I know it I’m packing up and heading off for a lecture.

Next lesson, hockey practical; an hour and a half of chasing some very talented hockey players around a big pitch whist attempting to coach them things I don’t really even understand myself. Sound confusing? It is. But it’s also fun, and the lecturer is a good laugh too.

Days at university seem to fly by. I remember sitting in my first ever lecture as a fresher and now I’m in my final year- crazy!

5.00PM and I’m off to the 3G to train for the women’s football team. As one of the most successful teams on campus you could say we take it quite seriously!

Just under two hours of training done and I’m finally on my way home. A few of the team are heading out for dinner at Nandos so I have a quick shower and join them. It feels weird wearing normal clothes as opposed to kit; being on a sports campus means you get used to tracksuits and hoodies!

Afterwards, it’s back home to catch up on Eastenders before an early night- tomorrow is Wednesday and that means one thing… BUCS! Followed by a social with the team, obviously! 🙂

To find out exactly what BUCS Wednesday is, check out my next post!