November 29, 2019

Sam Cockrell at Barry prode

I’m Sam, a BA (Hons) Business and Management student at Cardiff Met and a member of the LGBT+ society. So, what is it like being apart of the community at Uni? Well there are many answers to this question, but I’ll try and give you a straight one (if you’ll pardon the pun!).

So, a little about my work with Pride; I was recently the ambassador for Barry Pride which was an amazing event. I was able to have my own stall promoting the Cardiff Met LGBT+ society with some brilliant drag queens, banners, treats and music! I am Secretary for the LGBT+ society with initiatives to offer socials and give talks and presentations to students and University staff about the community. I work alongside UK based large LGBTQ+ charities as an ambassador. I regularly attend events, conferences and give lectures to industry professionals about causes and how to support them and I do quite a bit of work over social media. I had a short documentary filmed about me (which can be found on YouTube) discussing my story. Cardiff Met, well-established LGBT+ charities, shared the documentary and I even had communications from Lady Gaga’s Foundation, which was a fantastic achievement of mine!

I am a radio presenter for the Pride Cymru’s show on Cardiff Radio & Bro Radio meeting different guests and discussing relevant topics. I am also a prospective committee member for Pride Cymru 2020. Being a part of the LGBT+ society at Cardiff Met is a great experience to meet a whole range of students and the people you get to work alongside are fantastic. It’s not only great to add to your CV but shows prospective employers how willing and dedicated you are whilst studying.

I am a very confident person and want to use my voice to speak up for the LGBT+ community. As part of the Society I meet other Cardiff Met students for coffee to discuss their hardships and feelings towards how they fit in at University. One thing I can say for sure is that you are fully accepted here at Cardiff Met!

So, my time at Cardiff Met has been amazing! Why? The support mechanisms in place for students have been great. When I came out at 19 years old in my first year, it was a time of mixed emotions. However, my day-to-day life at University remained unchanged as staff and students at Cardiff Met treat me like a friend or colleague.

So, what is it like being a part of the LGBT+ community at Cardiff Met? I hope this blog has shown that not only are there many ways to get involved but that it is a completely safe, supportive space.