February 27, 2020

Cardiff Met Student Funmi

My name is Funmi Jaiyeoba, I’m from Nigeria and I’m studying the MBA Human Resources at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Before coming to the UK, I completed my undergraduate studies in Mass Communication at Caleb University in Nigeria. I’d always wanted to study my masters abroad, which is how I came to be studying in Cardiff. Also, the UK isn’t really too far from Nigeria. It’s only a six hour flight so if I ever get too homesick, I can easily fly home for a bit. Not that I’ve had to yet!

I found out about Cardiff Met from an Education Counsellor back in Nigeria. Once they had introduced me to the university, I did lots of research online, and found out that it sounded like a great school. It had won best university for international student support six times, which was something I liked the sound of!

I’ve always had a passion and interest in Human Resources, and I’ve always wanted to be a manager or a consultant in the area. That’s why I chose to study the MBA Human Resources. Before I started my masters studies, I was working for a large company, and I always saw the Human Resources team as the people that really knew the day in and day out workings of the organisation. They are the ones that really manage what is going on. I was working as a PA and was posted to the Human Resources department. I started to learn more about how it worked, and then was determined it was the subject I’d do my masters in. If I both had work experience, and had learned about it inside and outside of school, I’d be able to do whatever I wanted!

I really like our Human Resources lecturer, she’s a very nice lady, and always goes into detail about whatever she is teaching us about. She has great knowledge about how to become a manager or a consultant. I also really like Cardiff Met, it’s a good school. When I first arrived, I thought it was going to be a massive university, but it’s actually not too big at all. This means they can really take care of us, and the education they give us is really good.

The city of Cardiff is a great city. It’s a very friendly environment to be in, and a great place in general. Cardiff has a great bus network, and I like being about to just pop on the bus and travel anywhere safely. You couldn’t do this back in Nigeria, so I really enjoy it here! Life isn’t stressful here, I like it. I even enjoy walking around the city as well, but not all of the time! But when you do want to walk, it’s easy, and a great place to be. I really like it here.