February 16, 2018

Sophie Scherschel

Through studying on the Sport Broadcast MSc we meet people in the broadcast/media industry pretty much daily. Our guest lecturers range from commentators to cameramen and work for anyone from the BBC to Sky Sports.
It is through a guest presentation from HourGlass Vision that I managed to bag myself a trip to Dubai. HourGlass are the company that run the stats, scoreboards and graphics for the World Rugby Sevens Series. This involves travelling around the world, going to countries including Australia, America, Hong Kong and Singapore. The first leg of the annual series kicks off in Dubai and after contacting HourGlass I secured myself a placement for the opening competition.


I got to see the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.

I was lucky as the first day I was allowed to explore Dubai with a couple of others on the team, which involved visiting the Burj and browsing their crazy shopping centres, one of which had it’s own huge aquarium tank inside.

Amazingly this is in a shopping centre!

The next few days it was straight to work and I had to wake up at 4am (12am GMT) to travel to the middle of the desert where the sevens stadium had been built. Throughout the tournament I was able to experience all aspects of what HourGlass do. I ran the scoreboard in the stadium (44,000 capacity) which involved lots of concentration because you didn’t want the score being wrong and that amount of people seeing!
Score board controls

Running the stadium scoreboard took a lot of concentration…

I was also allowed to help out in the Broadcast truck where they direct the cameras, replays and graphics for the feed that goes out around the globe… again very important not to mess this up as it’s live to the world.
Control room

Not the time to press the wrong button!

It was a whirlwind experience and definitely the best way to learn how the industry works. It was a great way to visit a new country and also build relationships with people in the business that I want to work in.

Overall it was an amazing experience.

Despite the hard work and long hours I enjoyed the whole trip – so much so that I’m going out to the Japan and Singapore tournaments in April to work with them again.
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