June 4, 2018


As an American starting this year off in the foreign city of Cardiff, I was sure of only one thing: I wanted to end this year with a media job within the UK. What I wasn’t sure of was how I’d get there.

Within a week of starting at Cardiff Met, it became clear to me that my goal was achievable. The resources available through the careers team and my course in Specialty Journalism laid a solid foundation in my search for a career. Now, 8 months later, I have a promising career as an editorial assistant with Future Fusion in Bath and I have Cardiff Met to thank for that.

Being an international student, it can be frustrating trying to find a job. It can sometimes feel as though your Tier 4 Visa is actually just a huge barrier between you and a paycheck. Employers see the stamp, and like a ghost, they disappear from your inbox. Even the simplest of bartending jobs can leave you in the dust.

It was those times of frustration that I turned to Cardiff Met. Instead of giving up (and trust me there were times I wanted to!) I always felt comfortable shooting an email to the careers team, and within moments I would get a comforting email back, confirming an appointment. The advisors were always genuine and engaging, making sure to go over each of my goals, and setting up a plan with me on how to get there. After each meeting, I would get an email with a brief of what we went over, and various links to job listings and resources they wanted to make available to me.

Cardiff Met gave me the confidence to look work past the obstacles of being an international student, and validated that I was indeed employable. My course in Speciality Journalism for example set me up with the tools and knowledge to establish myself within the UK media industry. Our weekly workshops consisted of writing articles, creating videos and producing magazines, which gave us the skills of an multimedia journalist. We had in-depth discussions of law and ethics within the industry, as well as a course in research. The continual practice of writing, researching, and developing stories created generated self-assurance within work placements, and now in my new career.

In the beginning, I knew I wanted to move to Wales, and Cardiff Met let that happen. I knew I wanted to find internships and jobs within the media and Cardiff Met gave me the opportunity to. Now that I have finished the year off with confidence in my career choice and a new array of opportunities waiting for me, and I have Cardiff Met to thank for that too.

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