March 27, 2020

Hey guys, I’m Audrey and I’m a level 5 student here at Cardiff Met. My blog is to give you a little insight into my experience so far on the Sport, PE and Health degree and all that it has to offer!

I chose to come to Cardiff Met, firstly for all of the sport they have to offer, but also the SPEH degree as it suited me better than any degree I’d looked at in other universities.

With my aim being to become a teacher, SPEH at Cardiff Met stood out to me because of all of the diverse opportunities for learning that it offers, such as the Open Campus initiative and mix of practical and theory sessions. It’s also quite a broad degree, which means it doesn’t just narrow my career path to teaching, but also coaching and careers through sport development and national governing bodies and more – (that’s if I change my mind!)

Cardiff also provides a great environment for students, with great first-year accommodation, friendly staff, and last but not least, awesome (and safe) night life.

The Physical Education and Health in Practice module involves us working with actual primary school children to put to practice the knowledge gained in out theory seminars. This is under the Open Campus initiative.

Cardiff Met stood out to me because of all of the diverse opportunities for learning that it offers, such as the Open Campus initiative.

What does Open Campus involve?

  • Open Campus is part of the Physical Education and Health in Practice module which involves putting to practice theories learnt in seminars.
  • Planning and delivering sessions of varying lengths to various number of pupils.
  • Children travelling to campus from various primary schools so that we can deliver different sessions each week which coincide with the new welsh curriculum and topics that we’re currently learning in our modules.
  • Working and communicating shared knowledge with peers and fellow coaches.
  • Making reflective notes on our sessions and coaching skills, in order to improve future sessions. This is a vital part of teaching which is why it is so embedded in our learning.

What have I taken from the experience?

  • I’ve gained better knowledge and understanding about how to work with young children in a coaching environment
  • It has boosted my confidence in my teaching/coaching abilities
  • The challenge of working in large coaching groups with different ideas and having to adapt to different coaching styles
  • I have gained real-life experiences of coaching children rather than just coaching my peers
  • I’ve been able to prepare for my future career prospects of becoming a teacher
  • I have been given an insight into the situations I will have to deal with in a school setting
I have been able to apply this experience to my work placement which will be beneficial when applying for a PGCE


Open campus has provided me with pedagogical skills which I can take and apply when I go to my primary school for placement. For example, I have learnt about different ways in which the learner can be challenged, such as asking questions to assess understanding and providing them with opportunities to make decisions for themselves. One important thing I’ve taken from this is that it’s good to give children the chance to discover the answers on their own and provide them with an appropriate level of support that prompts individual learning.

Watch Audrey delivering an Open Campus session and hear why she loves studying at Cardiff Met!