June 23, 2020

Jarret with his coursemates

Looking back on my time studying Interior design at Cardiff Met, the things that stand out to me are the opportunities and experiences I have been able to take advantage of.

As interior design is such a broad subject, these opportunities have been really diverse, and I’ve been able to get a really well-rounded range of experience. From these amazing opportunities, I have then been able to make connections and network with different companies.

One of the many experiences that I have fond memories of on the course is a work placement where I joined two of my course mates as a creative practitioner within a school environment (my coursemate Eleonora wrote more about this). We worked as a team to improve the classroom space, even making our own bespoke furniture.

Eleanora working in the wood shop
In the workshop with Eleonora creating furniture for the school

We were able to use the different wood and metal workshops on campus and benefit from the specialist advice from the technical demonstrators. We learned a lot of new skills while creating something that was unique for our portfolios.

The Cardiff Met Award was another amazing venture I took towards the end of my degree. The scheme is an opportunity to gain recognition for improving your employability by attending workshops and completing extra-curricular activities.

As a part of the award programme I took a social media workshop where I was taught how to make the most of the connections that I had made during my time at Cardiff Met. This has proved really useful, especially as I now prepare to finish my degree and go into the working world where these connections will be forever useful.

I was able to take full advantage of all of these skills when it came to my subject work. I channelled my newfound perspective into different projects with the help of some amazing tutors to point me in the right direction.

Along with the regular Cardiff Met tutors, we also had tutors from outside practices who visited to teach us. This was hugely beneficial, as it allows you to gain another perspective on your work, and hear suggestions on how you can develop your work further. You are also able to build your relationships with these guest tutors which will then benefit you after university.

This is something that was really useful to me, as since finishing University, I’ve started work as a freelance Interior Designer for a successful Cardiff based design firm called Ongl. This exciting opportunity came about thanks to the crucial connections I’d made with guest lecturers.

This is a really exciting opportunity and I couldn’t think of a better company to start my design career with. I am now able to take all the skills that I’ve developed at Cardiff Met and apply them to my new job role, where I can embrace a new world filled with fresh challenges and experiences.