April 14, 2020

Cardiff School of Technologies

Hello fellow students! My name is David Nunn and I am a BSc Computer Games Design and Development student, currently in year one. I want to share with you my experience of studying on the Foundation course, leading up to my first year.


What was very satisfying to me, was how each module was presented. I had to have my mind sharp and malleable when it came to learning Academic Skills, had to use iteration when it came to understanding Quantitative Methods, learned a great many theories and studies for Management, but also had to get my head down and research financial solutions within the Personal Finance module. All along the way we were given material, revision documents and additional reading. We also had several workshops running alongside the modules (which were perfect for those like me who don’t often like to put their hand up in class) and on every occasion, the lecturer would assist you as much as possible to ensure you had a full and clear understanding. I found that through studying the Foundation, I was able to be objective, disciplined and innovative – ready to move on to my first year.


One very satisfying bonus of studying the Foundation was that I felt I was able to approach every lecturer. I never felt as though I was going to be judged for my lack of understanding, or be made to feel unworthy of further assistance. By the end of each module, I had developed a great deal of respect and admiration for my lecturers, and even greet and talk to them to this day. In addition to this, you are assigned a Personal Tutor, who will sit with you from time to time to discuss any issues you have with your studying, and also have a nice chin wag about things, such as kickboxing and animals in my case, for some reason. This makes the experience more humanising and reassuring.


A very important part of studying at University is that you can get a bit of support in situations where things might not be going as well as planned. Luckily, there is no shortage of ways you can be supported, whether it be financially, medically or even if you have an issue with the University itself, there is always a channel you can use to gain support. The University are always incredibly understanding, friendly and do not judge. If you are having difficulties studying, lecturers can and do generously give their free time to assist students who may be struggling more than others.


The University offers no shortage of activities and facilities to fill any spare time, to keep fit or to find a nice little place to gather your thoughts. There are plenty of places to grab something to eat, plenty of coffee shops, places to pick up supplies and a library full of resources and quiet corners to study. It’s very easy wherever you are on campus to plan what you can do in your breaks and find a learning style and habitat that suits you.

In addition to this, there are many clubs within the University, allowing you to pick up and maintain something new or have a passion in, whether it is sports or social activities, and you will be overwhelmed in good fashion, when attending the Fresher’s fair. Not only will these additional activities keep you fit and occupied, but you’ll meet a lot of new friends.


As a student in my first year of my degree, I can say without question that I see several benefits of completing the Foundation year prior to moving on to your degree. What the Foundation does is to sculpt and refine your mind; ready to learn and push your capabilities. There were many things I learned during the Foundation which have allowed me to adapt my own style of studying, get to grips with procedure and processes, develop relations with lecturers and to bolster my skills with prior knowledge of best practice academic learning. Providing those baseline academic skills within the Foundation course is advantageous and is a fantastic opportunity to move on to better things.