March 24, 2020

Ellie Herbert Header

Choosing to study BA (Hons) Marketing Management at Cardiff Met was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! Not only have I always been interested in how brands are such big influencers, but as a result of my degree I’ve been able to gain amazing work experience.

My course opened my eyes to how varied marketing is; people often think it’s about choosing what colours should go on a poster but it is SO much more than that! Many processes go into how a company understands their customers’ needs and how different markets target different audiences. The modules really gave me an insight into the world of marketing and provided relevant information that I’ve been able to apply into my working life.

Cardiff Met provided me with more than my degree. Through events that were held throughout my years of study, I made some friends for life and I couldn’t ever imagine my life without them now! Even though I already lived in Cardiff, I still found it daunting as I didn’t know anybody I was going to be studying with but the social aspect of Cardiff Met really helped everybody connect and feel welcome.

Ellie Herbert at a Desk
As a result of my degree I’ve been able to gain amazing work experience

After graduating, I went to work for The Telegraph in London for a three month placement and then came back to Cardiff to work as a Marketing Assistant for Wales’ biggest brewer and Hospitality Company, SA Brain & Co Ltd. Again, I would have never been able to get these opportunities without my Marketing degree. I’ve been so lucky to have attended some incredible events in London and my role at Brains saw me work with the likes of the Welsh Rugby Union and the Welsh Football team, making friends with some of the big sporting names!

I am now working in a completely different sector, working as a Marketing Executive at Coleg Gwent, in Newport. I really enjoy being creative and my role here allows me to run with my ideas, producing a range of marketing material to help students decide what they would like to study with us!

I count myself lucky every day that I really enjoy my job. In marketing, you are constantly working on different campaigns so it is impossible to get bored! If you don’t wake up every day and enjoy what you are doing then what’s the point?! I owe it all to Cardiff Met.