July 10, 2019

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Lomax, and I am a second year BA (Hons) Business Economics student at Cardiff Met and a Course Representative.

Going in to University I had never really considered becoming a Course Representative, but when the opportunity to put ourselves forward for the role arose I decided to give it a go.

As a Course Representative, we attend two key events as part of our duties, both happen once each term throughout the Academic Year.

The first is the general Course Representative Meeting in which the various Course Reps from across the range of courses at Cardiff Met gather to discuss any problems or offer suggestions to help improve the general student wellbeing at University. There are representatives from the various faculties and is a great chance to hear opinions and suggestions that assist me in my own duties as a Course Rep.

The second is a more focused meeting centred on the area of study. As a BA (Hons) Business Economics student, I meet with the other Economics Course Representatives and Economics faculty staff. In this meeting, we discuss Economics related course issues and give feedback from our fellow course mates. These informal meetings have helped improve my understanding of how the course works and in getting to know the lecturers better.

I also wanted to do something that would make a difference to the student experience of both my course mates and myself so I designed a weekly newsletter for those on the BA (Hons) Business Economics: The Weekly BEE.

This newsletter is my weekly project as a Course Representative and includes memes based on events of the previous week or a related Economics topic. There is an E-nalysis section where I would cover a business or economics related news story featured during the week and analyse it using some of the skills learned during the course. The newsletter also includes a ‘You Should Know’ section, where I share any information from Course Rep meetings or any interesting articles mentioned by lecturers as well as notes from lectures.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my role as Course Rep. It has given me a real appreciation of the student experience and I feel I have made a difference to my course. I really recommend others to consider putting themselves forward for this opportunity, as it is a great way to get involved with your course!