September 30, 2019

Cardiff Met Student Anjali

My name is Anjali Kembhavi, I am from Mumbai and I am studying the MSc Food Science and Technology with Food Innovation and Product Development at Cardiff Metropolitan University. After completing my bachelors in Biotechnology, I wanted to find a course that would allow me to further specialise, as Biotechnology is a very broad subject area. I chose the course at Cardiff Met because the course structure was in perfect alignment with what I see myself doing in the future.

I have really enjoyed my time studying here, I’ve enjoyed both the practical aspects of the course as well as the theoretical aspects. The course structure is divided into three terms. In term one we were introduced to the theoretical aspects, and then in term two we chose a pathway and I chose New Product Development. We were given a hands-on product brief, assigned by a real company. This project allowed me to learn about the different stages of new product development that actually happen within the food industry. Being able to experience what actually happens in the food industry was really important to me as a student, as it allowed me to see what I would actually be doing in the future. This really helped me to progress a lot, and I enjoyed it throughout.

As well as New Product Development, I also enjoyed my time studying Food Safety, which is also very much linked to industry, and the professors were really helpful. Although all the professors here are really helpful!

I managed to secure a 12 month work placement as part of the course at Food Production company Zorba Foods, one of the largest chilled high risk food manufacturers in Wales. I am working in the new product development department. The brief we worked on in my New Product Development pathway actually came from the company, so it was great to be offered the chance to then make the project come to life.

Images of Anjali on work placement
On site at my work placement with Zorba Foods

My programme director helped to secure the placement with Zorba Foods. He was the one to let me know that the company was looking out for interns, then helped with the application. Then it was just a case of going to an interview, and I was lucky enough to be offered the placement. However if I was to offer any advice to students looking for a work placement, I would say start looking as early as possible. Build up your CV, start applying to companies, get assistance from the helpful professors at Cardiff Met. I took every piece of help and guidance available, so if you do the same, you will be great!

I would definitely recommend Cardiff Met for students looking for the opportunity to build their career, and gain exposure to industry.