July 29, 2019

SCRAM students Emma and Eloise

We are Eloise and Emma and we have recently graduated from 3 years at Cardiff Met studying SCRAM. Over the past 3 years we have learnt so much from the course, made connections for future careers alongside gaining valuable experience within strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and massage.


SCRAM is a course which involves lots of different subjects so you can gain practical experience throughout the 3 years. The practical lectures are something we have found really useful in our development and learning, which meant we learnt to apply theory to practice across strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and massage. The university has provided us with lots of opportunities to practice our skills in real life environments, for example providing massage treatment within the university clinic aswel as sporting events such as the Cardiff Half Marathon, which is an added asset to the course. This has allowed us to continue to fulfil a successful placement within Cardiff Blues rugby team, working within the medical department of the club providing massage treatments and working alongside other medical professionals.

Wev’e been able to practice our theory at major events such as Cardiff Half Marathon and also within Cardiff Blues rugby team!

What to expect from the course…

The course is highly dependent on anatomy, linking the 3 disciplines of strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and massage together to understand movement, how the body works and how to provide rehabilitation and massage treatments to different injuries. We feel like this is completely different to other courses and has allowed us to explore all areas and different avenues of SCRAM. Our practical skills have been developed and built upon within the practical lectures and this has really helped when working in real life situations working with elite athletes whilst on our placement with Cardiff Blues. The modules offered allow you to learn through different subjects, with a variety of teaching staff who are all very knowledgeable in each field, from a variety of backgrounds. We feel like this has been most beneficial due to learning tips and tricks from the trade which have made us into better practitioners and has given us the knowledge and confidence to work in and elite sporting environment.

Our placement at Cardiff Blues…

Cardiff Met have a variety of different connections allowing you to choose to different career paths and gain valuable experience in a SCRAM discipline. We were able to use the university career hub to apply for different placements within schools, sports teams and various other companies which were related to the SCRAM course. Fortunately, we were able to do our placement within Cardiff Blues rugby club, allowing us to gain valuable match day experience alongside day-day life within a sporting environment working with elite athletes. For us, this has allowed us to develop and grow within in our final year of SCRAM allowing us to gain valuable experience within an elite sports environment. The placement has allowed us to practice everything we have learnt on the SCRAM course, aswel as make connections and learn from talented and knowledgeable professionals.


” I felt really supported by staff at Cardiff Met because they got to know me personally. This is something that really helped me throughout the 3 years and made me feel at home!” – Emma

Our Top tips for SCRAM…

  • Don’t be scared to ask questions, the course covers a lot of content so we feel it’s important to make the most of the staff around you to gain as much knowledge and help as possible.

  • Learn your anatomy, as the course is based on the human body this will help you across applying massage treatments, rehab programmes and coaching movements within strength and conditioning.

  • Stay organised – it can be overwhelming if you don’t stay organised with deadlines, exams and revision. By staying on top of your work and deadlines will make the course more fun and enjoyable.

  • Get involved – there are lots of voluntary experiences to gain valuable experience, this will help you in your final year getting a placement aswel as for your future career.
“I have grown in confidence over the past 3 years which has allowed me to have new experiences which I wouldn’t have thought I was capable of when starting Uni.” – Eloise
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