March 5, 2018

Ruby Harrison

Everybody has worries about going to Uni – that’s a given. It’s a new place with new people and suddenly you are without your parents, maybe for the first time. These worries are pesky little creatures but will go away with ease, I promise!

Here are a few of my pre-Uni worries and how I dealt with them:

1. Meeting lots of new people

Although my first day in halls was a year and a half ago, I remember it so well. I got dropped off by my parents and was the only one of a flat of 8 who was left alone, everyone else was out for lunch! I was concerned about everyone coming back and having to start conversation – which is strange for me because I’m a confident person and never have issues talking to strangers. But, for some reason, I was apprehensive. But once we were all in the flat, it was easy. I got talking to one of the girls, Molly, about the WIFI (of course!) and then conversation clicked. A few hours later I found myself all dressed up, drink in hand and getting to know all these fab new people. The key is to just go for it!

2. Getting lost

Worried about finding your way around campus? My first day was particularly nerve wracking because I had never visited the campus before moving into halls. It meant that not only was I meeting a whole new set of people but also being in completely new surroundings – of course this worried me, but then I found it to be a lovely place. And now that I think back, what could have really happened to me? It might be a new place but that’s nothing to fear, it’s easy to get acquainted with your way around and no one knows that initially anyway, no matter if they’ve been to campus before or not. It actually became quite a little adventure and exploring all the different parts of the buildings was exciting. I still find new study rooms and little nooks and crannies today!

3. Looking after my money

Another worry I had was managing my money. Of course, I had money responsibilities before Uni, but this was the first time I had to manage my money alone. First of all, a great help is that Uni takes all rent money at the beginning of the term, so you don’t have to think about it for very long. Also, a few tips: What I found a huge help was having two bank accounts, one to have money in for important payments (just in case), and one that I could transfer money into so that I didn’t spend all my money at once.

Another tip is to buy a prepaid cash card (I had a Loot Mastercard but there are others out there too), on which you can transfer money from your current account, without having to set up a second account. Easy!

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about going to uni, but remember – everyone is in the same boat, and you’ll soon wonder what you were so stressed about!

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