October 20, 2016

There are many more than five, but for the purposes of this blog post, I’ll keep it brief!

1) You’ll make friends with benefits

Now by this, I mean all the new friends that you will make and socialise with, who hopefully you can go and stay with at a later date, in their home countries. Low cost holidays with local knowledge on-tap (hopefully this will be somewhere sunny)!

2) You’ll have shining CV

Employers absolutely love seeing Erasmus on a CV! Not only does it prove that you can you be independent and self-sufficient, but also that you can establish good international relationships personally and professionally. You’re outgoing, confident and can take on a challenge.

3) You’ll develop an appreciation for culture

This is more than a holiday. Living abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a different lifestyle. Do as the Romans do while you’re away, from diet to nightlife to hobbies – and beyond.

4) You’ll become a ‘global citizen’

This new culture will encourage new ways of thinking. In a seminar full of international students you will hear so many interesting ideas and perspectives from so many different backgrounds. Either you will re-think what you thought you knew or your enthusiasm for your course will be reignited. All of this will come home with you and really benefit your studies at home.

5) You’ll discover new opportunities

You may take the opportunity to travel across Europe, or apply for a working visa and stay longer in your new country. The university you studied at may even provide post-graduate career options – who knows? That’s the best thing about travel – it could lead you anywhere.