September 25, 2017


Whether you’re coming into Cardiff Met fresh out of school or college, or you’re re-entering education as a mature student – get ready to fasten your seat belts because your time at university will fly by!
As much as your degree will be a priority, uni life is also all about soaking up every opportunity available to develop yourself as a person, but also – to have fun! As a student now going into my second year, trust me when I say joining student societies are a great way of doing this. Each society offers something unique, but the Cardiff Met Islamic Society (ISoc) is a place where I have been able to experience a wide range of opportunities in a variety of fields.
It is one of the oldest and most diverse student societies at the university. Being part of this family will have you leaving uni with memories of banter, life-long friendships and a bank full of accomplishments on your CV.
So, what makes them the most active society at Cardiff Met, and why should you join?
Here are five reasons that should give you good insight into what we stand for and the incredible work the team gets up to:

1. We are inclusive



At the Freshers’ Fayre

Diversity is our priority and it’s what unites us as a student society. Catering (non-exclusively) to Muslim students involves providing for and understanding students from all backgrounds and ages.
Our committee this year alone is made up of an array of home and international students from different study years.
students smiling

We are an open and inclusive society!

This year, the ISoc have a range of plans in store from hosting an international food day to a collaborative art exhibition displaying Cardiff’s diversity. Collaboration and uniting people from various communities and universities is part of what we do, so if you feel that this is something you would like to be part of, then this is the society for you!

2. We are charitable


Charity work

Bucketing in Queen Street.

Did you know that last year we raised almost £5,000 for charity in just one week?
One of the busiest times in the ISoc calendar is our popular charity week, which takes place near the end of October. Camping, bucketing, cake sales, auctions – you name it, we organise it. It’s a jam-packed line up, that also involves some competition against ISocs from other universities across Wales and West England in raising as much money as possible.
Raising money for charity doesn’t stop at charity week for us. We carry out activities throughout the year that go towards local and international projects, as well as taking part in the annual ‘Believe and Do Good Campaign’.

Picking up a Certificate of Appreciation awarded by Islamic Relief for our 2016/17 fundraising.

This is our chance to give back to the community by carrying out litter pick ups, donating blood, carrying out random acts of kindness and more!

3. We are fun



Camping social at the Gower.

Sometimes, when deadlines may be getting quite stressful and you just want to kick back and have some fun, there is no limit to what we offer and the things we get up to as a society.
Whether you’re into adventuring, movie nights, dinners, tours, gaming, food crawls and much more – our goal is to offer memorable experiences that you can take away from your university experience without feeling left out.

4. We are award-winning


Collecting our Best Society Activity 2016/17 Award from Cardiff Met SU

In the past, we have been awarded for our commitment and contributions.
Through hard work, faith and determination we aim to empower and elevate our society members into being recognized for the time and efforts they invest. It’s also a great way to get something on your CV, walking away knowing that you have been part of something great.

5. We are educating and building communities



A guest speaker event on balancing faith and student life.

As a society we aim to educate, inform and spark conversation. It may be through arranging informative workshops, hosting educational exhibitions or coming up with creative ways to engage with the wider public. In a testing time where Muslims are faced to deal with negative stereotypes, a large part of what we do is to make students feel confident within their identity and it is through education we do that.
This year once again, we will be taking part in two campaigns to strengthen our communities, Islamophobia Awareness Month and Discover Islam Week.

Our Islamophobia Awareness Month Exhibition 2016

University will introduce you to people from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs, our Discover Islam Week invites safe spaced discussions and people to ask questions about our faith and why we practice certain things the way we do.
ISoc and VC

Vice Chancellor, Prof Cara Aitchison visiting our Random Acts Of Kindness Stall.

Balancing faith and studies at times can be challenging and it is something we offer in helping Muslims students advice and help with. So, this year we are introducing weekly Islamic workshops, halaqas and tajweed classes on campus after lecture hours. We also regularly post motivating Islamic reminders and informative articles on our social media in efforts of finding ways to get closer to Allah.
For our new Muslim students we are also excited to announce the launch of our Cardiff Met Muslim Pocket Guide including everything you need to know from prayer rooms on campus to Halal places to eat included.
We provide a platform for students to develop spiritually, professionally and academically. This is why we believe we are the most active society on campus. So, what are you waiting for? – Join the family!
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