July 4, 2018

Drama Society

The Cardiff Met Drama Society is one of the newest and fastest rising societies at the university, having been formed at the end of 2016, it has since gone on to win both ‘best new society’ and ‘most improved society’ at the society and student awards. It was a deserving winner in my opinion – the drama society is a vibrant and fun community of students from all years and courses, and its taught me a few things too!
Here are five ways in which the Cardiff Met drama society has taught me new things and opened my mind to experiences I’d never considered!

1. It’s okay to look silly!



There’s nothing wrong with looking a bit silly now and then!

Going into Uni I was very concerned about how I would be perceived by others, so much so that I held myself back from being fun and silly around my friends. Drama society provided an outlet in which everyone is on an equal playing field, a place where stupid warm-ups and games mean that at times, everyone looks a bit silly and everyone laughs together. This kind of experience is hugely motivating and a great way to open yourself up to the world!

2. Overcoming a fear is possible, and rewarding



Drama is a great way to build confidence.

Got stage fright? Anxious of meeting new people or talking in public? Worried about making new friends? The Drama Society is a fun, safe way to slowly build up confidence with the support of your friends and the results feel great and will set you up for life!

3.The friends you make don’t even have to be on the same campus as you!



Students from any course are welcome to join the Cardiff Met Drama society.

It’s easy to get lost in a bubble starting university, only socialising with people in your immediate area, but who knows how many great friends could be out there, just not on your course, campus or year? Drama Society is a melting pot of different students and can be the foundation of lifelong friendships!

4.Drama is more than just acting



We need students with all kinds of skills and talents.

Let’s be clear about this! Drama Society is not just for actors – of course this is a huge part of the society, but we also cater for those with other interests. We need tech crew and backstage managers for our end of year show, ushers and prop, costume and makeup designers too! But even before that date, the society is a great tool for building up confidence ready for a presentation or job interview and a fun place to spend some time unwinding after a stressful day! But most of all…

5. A Society is like a family


Drama soc

It’s a great way to make firm friends.

The most important aspect of any good society, is in the name – the ‘society’. The long-lasting bonds you make. People to rely on and the knowledge there’s always going to be someone there to help you out. The acting, the games, shows and trips are all fun – but it’s the people who make drama society the place it is.
These were just five of the many things I’ve learned in my time with the Cardiff Met Drama Society, and I can’t wait to start the next year and learn many more. If you’re interested in the society or have any questions, come and say hello at our booth in the Freshers Fayre!
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