March 27, 2017

Choosing your university seems like a huge decision… and it is! But it’s not something to be scared of – it’s an opportunity to actively shape your future and set yourself up for some of the most enjoyable years of your life.

With a bit of careful planning, some good research and a visit to an open day or two, you’ll be able to pick a university that suits your needs and sets you up for the career you want.

Having been through the process myself, I’ve got 5 top tips for helping you to pick a university that is right for you!

1. Careers

Is the course right for you? Don’t just accept that the course title tells you everything you need to know. Find out about the module options and different pathways that you could take. Check out staff profiles too, their research interests and the applied experience they have. You need to be sure that the course and lecturers will be setting you off in the right direction for the career you want to pursue.

2. Extra Opportunities

The course you choose is just a small part of your uni experience, so take time to check on all the extracurricular opportunities that will be on offer. Look at the Students’ Union and the clubs, teams, societies and venues they have on offer. Also check the course details for trip and placement opportunities. Outside of the University, have a look at what’s on offer in the local community, are there opportunities to join clubs and classes and if it is important to you, what’s the nightlife like.

You have to grab opportunities with both hands at uni – sometimes literally!

3. Cost

One way or another, your finances will affect your time at University, so plan ahead. Find out how much halls costs and the local rental prices for when you move into a house. Use a route planner to work out roughly how much it will cost to travel and check to see if there is a student bus pass like the MetRider.

4.  Location

Think carefully about location. Do you want to stay close to home or are you wanting to spread your wings and move far away? There is pros and cons of each! Is the university located near a city and does that suit you or would you like something more ‘out of town’?

5. Feel

My final piece of advice is something I can’t help you with… does it feel right? I knew the minute I arrived at Cardiff Met for an open day that this was the university for me, everything was just right! After considering everything, think about how the place makes you feel and include that in your final decision.

Whatever happens though, the most important thing to remember about your university experience is that it’s only as good you make it. Take every opportunity, get involved in a club, a society or two, apply yourself to everything you do and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Don’t take any of it for granted and enjoy every second – wherever you end up.

Good luck!

Wondering if Cardiff Met might be the uni for you? Check out video below or book a place on an Open Day to find out more