August 30, 2017

Sarah Molyneux

I start my day fairly early, waking up around 7 or 8, have some breakfast, get ready, and then get the bus into uni.

I’m on the Llandaff Campus, so it’s about 15 minutes on the bus from town where I live. I get in with about half an hour to spare before my first lecture or seminar usually, so this gives me time to prep.


Some of my graphics work in the studio.

I’d either go to the computer room to make notes, or talk to my group (if they’re in). On my course, Graphic Communication, we often work in groups. There’s a lot of discussion and collaborative working on our course, and throughout the school. We usually break for lunch around midday, so I go and meet my friends who are on different courses.


Inside the CSAD building.

I’m based in Cardiff School of Art and Design (the art building), but I mainly go to the SU for lunch. I usually take my own, but I’ve recently been buying it on campus – there is a surprising amount of choice for vegans! The prices are pretty reasonable too.

It’s nice knowing people all over the uni, and seeing what they’re getting up to etc.

After lunch, I usually have a couple more hours timetabled, then get on with whatever extra work I need to do. I’ll then either get the bus home, or if it’s nice, walk through the park.


I love walking through the park on sunny days!

The rest of the day is spent juggling the gym, friends, more uni work, a part-time job, grocery shopping (I hit the late night reductions!), and whatever else I can fit in.

My friends and I have our favourite coffee house spot in town – Second Cup – so we often go there to chill out in the evening. We might go to the cinema or for food sometimes too.


The coffee at Second Cup is great!

I usually would go out on a weekday, just because they’re the student nights. I try to plan it around a day when I’m not timetabled to be in uni the next day though!

Cardiff is a great student city, and I’m very glad that I moved here!

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