March 14, 2018

Ryan Dean

If you’re anything like me, a typical art student, you’re into at least something nerdy. If so, you’re in luck – Cardiff is a great place to be geeky. Here’s a quick guide to 5 fun nerdy things to do in Cardiff.

1. Try your luck at a Rules of Play board game night

Gaming shop Rules of Play run a Board Game night at The Lansdowne pub in Canton every second Tuesday of the month, as well as nights at Porter’s, The Grange and The Gate. You can drink their special craft ales as you play a huge selection of board games provided by Rules of Play. Event organisers help you to get started with games you might not be familiar with, and it’s a great way to meet other board game enthusiasts!

2. Rub shoulders with sci-fi stars at Comic Con

Comic Con

My fellow Cardiff Met Blogger Lorna hanging out with Deadpool at last year’s Comic Con!

The Cardiff Comic Con for 2018 is on the weekend of May 12th/13th. As well as wonderful cosplay and stalls full of great merchandise, you can go to signings or meet up with many stars from film and TV history – previous guests have included cast members from Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. With standard entry tickets at only £8, it’s a great way to spend the day with some friends!

3. Walk with dinosaurs (and mammoths) at the museum

Less fandom and more just plain cool, the National Museum Cardiff has plenty of awesome nerdy stuff to check out. As well as a huge Natural History section complete with a whale skeleton and an animatronic mammoth, there’s a wonderful gallery for any Art History fans. With the close proximity to the town centre, a lovely cafe just in the door and free entry, it makes for a great day out!

4. Visit a filming location from Dr Who, Sherlock or Torchwood

The Cardiff Museum, St Mary’s street and Cardiff castle have all been used as filming locations for several episodes of Dr Who and Sherlock. Not only that, in Cardiff Bay you can find a shrine to Ianto Jones from Torchwood, maintained by fans of the show. You could even try to re-enact scenes from Dr Who, if you’re brave enough…

5. Enjoy a slice of arcade game history (and a burger) at Kongs

Mortal Kombat

They have tons of classic games!

If you like retro gaming, there’s few better places to go than Kongs on St Mary’s street! Load yourself up with some pound coins and enjoy their huge range of classic arcade machines, including everything from Mortal Kombat to Outrun. When you’re ready to take a break (sore thumbs!) you can go and grab a bite to eat from Burger Theory who have a permanent pop-up at the venue, plus a drink from their impressive range at the bar.

Cardiff is such a cool place to live and is full of fun stuff for anyone of any subculture to take part in. Be sure to take full advantage of it during your time at Cardiff Met, starting with the things on this list!

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