May 22, 2017

Charlotte thhrowing

That’s it! I’m done! I’ve finished my degree! Three years of study is over and I am now waiting for my results. But before all that, I have the final step – the Cardiff Met Summer Show!
This is what the last three years have been building up to. A chance for us to tell people who we are as an artist, designer or maker and put our footprint on the art world. The Summer Show is where we, as soon to be graduates, present our final body of work alongside the whole of the graduating Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD).

My Summer Show work is inspired by the coastline

From meeting these new faces on my first day during freshers to now finishing university and stepping out into ‘the real world’, it’s an exciting experience that we’ve all shared together. Seeing the growth in everyone’s work really brings together the art school community and everyone has a sense of triumph and pride on that first night of the exhibition.
It has taken a lot of hard work for everyone to get to this point, and the level of the work on show is always amazing – and well worth a visit. I find it is always a very different experience displaying your work to the public compared to having it sitting on your desk and only being seen by your lecturers and peers. The level of professionalism on display at the Summer Show from throughout CSAD highlights the level of teaching we get and how bright our futures could be after university.

One of the aims of my work is to make the viewer want to touch it!

In my practice, I have been working with the same body of work for the past two years, and have been making my final pieces since February. A huge amount of time, effort and love is put into our work. At the start of the year, I very much struggled with the idea of refining my skills to make more sculptural pieces. However, I now find more interesting qualities in my work because of the decisions I have made, and this is something I aim to express at the Summer Show.
My ceramics work examines the extraordinary nature of the earth, specifically the coastline. Through exploring the movement and time of landscape, I have created visually encapsulating sculptures that tempt viewers to touch them due to the textural glazes and forms.

I’ve been able to refine my skills since the start of the year – it was a struggle sometimes but it’s all been worth it.

For me the Summer Show is the conclusion of a hard but amazing three years of study, and being able to share this with friends, family and the visiting public is something to treasure. It is always a great chance to see such exciting art work, meet the artists/designers/makers and hopefully see the next generation of successful artists!
The Cardiff School of Art and Design Summer Show is open to the public until 2nd June. Follow the hashtag #CSAD17 on Twitter and Instagram for more, or check out video highlights from the opening night below: