July 24, 2019

Student Emily Hird flowers

Coming to Wales to study was not part of my plan, as I was focused on universities in England. However, now, after finishing my first year I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere but Cardiff Met!

I had always planned to study Bsc (Hons) Psychology after really enjoying the subject at A-level. Last year through UCAS I applied to universities in England and after receiving my predicted grades, I accepted the offer from Durham and nervously awaited results.

However, once result day came, I didn’t get the results I had expected. Even though I did my best, illness and family commitments had meant I didn’t get the grades I needed.

Opening UCAS and seeing both my firm and insurance offer had rejected me was honestly one of the worst moments of my life. I felt that I had let everyone down and that the last two years were for nothing. I felt like giving up and that no university would ever want me.

After a cup of tea and a moment to calm down I looked through UCAS’s clearing options and I spotted that Cardiff Met still had spaces. I had previously heard about Cardiff Met from my rugby coach as they had an outstanding female rugby team that he often spoke about. I went on their website and looked through the psychology degree they ran. I loved how practical and placement focused the degree was. The programme was attractive to me because it combined my favourite areas of psychology from A-level and new area’s I had a keen interest in.

After reading about the degree I gave the university a ring and got through to a really nice man in the Admissions team. He made sure I was ok and with someone as I was still a little upset. After telling him my grades he said he was “delighted” to offer me a place. The sense of relief and pride at that moment was unbelievable!

Emily Hird in the library
I have loved every moment of my course so far! I really enjoy applying what iv’e learnt in a real life setting.

Over the next week I was sent emails on how to find accommodation and change my student finance. I was supported by Cardiff Met throughout the clearing process meaning I could focus on getting myself mentally and physically prepared for university and not stress over all the changes to my original plan.

I have loved every moment of my course so far. In the first year we covered five modules, these were Social psychology, Developmental psychology, Research Methods, Data Analysis and Brain and Cognition. These gave me insight into how we develop over our life span as well as how the society we live in and the chemicals in our brain affect the behaviour we perform.

My favourite part of the year was performing and writing about our own studies. This is because I really enjoy using the knowledge that I learn in the lecture hall and putting it to use in a real-life setting. It also gave me practical experience which can be used for my placement next year or a career further down the line.

Cardiff Met has allowed me to explore all my passions including rugby. I have friends from my course, accommodation and sports teams so I never feel alone. The staff at Cardiff Met have supported me through this first year especially my tutor who I can book appointments with whenever I need extra support.

Student Emily Hird in the library
Coming to Cardiff Met turned out to be the best decision I made! I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Next year I have the opportunity to select a placement. I can’t wait to further explore the practical side of psychology and use the skills I gained in my first year. I am hoping to do a placement in a hospital on a mental health ward to gain insight into such a vital area of psychology.

I just want to let anyone going through clearing know you shouldn’t give up. There is a place out there for you and maybe it’s right here at Cardiff Met!