February 13, 2020

Cardiff Met student Reda from Morocco

My name is Reda Raihani, I’m studying the MSc Digital Marketing Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I’m originally from Morocco, where I studied my undergraduate course in Economics before coming to the UK.

My university in Morocco is a partner institution of Cardiff Met, named SIST. I was really pleased when I discovered SIST, as I really wanted to study the under the British Education System. Ever since I started at SIST, my goal was to come and study in the UK, in Cardiff.

My course focuses on marketing, but not the traditional forms of marketing. We specialise in digital marketing, which involves everything from social media and organic search, to pay-per-click advertisement and Google Adwords. Everything seems to revolve around digital these days, it’s 2020 after all, so it’s great to be focusing on digital marketing. We do however look at the ideas of traditional marketing, but go into much more depth with digital.

In the first semester, we studied cotemporary trends in digital marketing. As part of this module we looked at virtual reality and augmented reality, and how to implement these new technologies in the marketing field. It was really interesting to see how brands tend to use these technologies to evolve their marketing.

Before I came to the UK, I thought that Cardiff Met was going to be a lot smaller, I thought it was just a management school! However after reading up on the university, I realised it was a group of five different schools, which really excited me. I like everything about studying in an environment with this mixture of schools. The staff at the university are very friendly and very helpful. Any time I need something, I’ll just go and ask, and they are happy to help me out.

As part of my course I’m doing a four week internship at a company called Atticus Digital. It was hard work finding a placement, I had to send a lot of emails, so I was really pleased when I successfully got the internship at Atticus Digital. I’m working in the marketing department, gathering all of the data that they have and studying it. Then I’m segmenting their customers, and advising them what they need to do to target different customer groups, and achieve better marketing reach. It’s a great opportunity.

When I first arrived to Cardiff, I wasn’t expecting all of the students! It really is a student city, and everything is centred around students. There are loads of student discount available for everything from clothes and food, to attractions. You just need to be a student, and that’s it! I’m really into my music, so I really enjoy all of the live music there is in Cardiff, from Open Mic nights to Karaoke!

The people here are very nice, and very friendly. I was a little concerned about this before I came to the UK, but I like everything about how they treat each other. Everyone is equal here, and I really love it.