January 8, 2018

Halyna Soltys

Each weekday morning, I am greeted with the sound of alarms, rejoicing in unison between the 5 rooms in my flat; the groans of those who stayed up too late the night before follow shortly after!

I am First Year Undergraduate Psychology student, sharing a flat with an Environmental Health, Computer Science, International Business and Business and Law student. One of the great things about studying at University is how diverse everyone is, but we share a common experience – UNI LIFE!


Some of my lovely flatmates!

I am staying in Liberty Fields, just across from Blackweir Fields park, a 25-minute picturesque walk away from Cardiff Metropolitan University. If I’m running a tad late, the MetRider (or as I prefer to call it; the lifesaver!) stops just outside the halls and drops me, warm and dry, right outside of University. I begin my journey to Cardiff Met soon after a quick natter with my flatmates over a cup of tea and a much-needed breakfast.

Finding your way around campus is a breeze! Whether you are studying at Llandaff or Cyncoed, the campus’ are small enough to navigate easily. If I get stuck, there are plenty of students to ask. Feeling a little shy? I just ask reception.

After completing my timetable, whether it be a lecture with my whole course, a tutorial with my group or an individual meeting, I love going to have a cheeky drink in the bar at the SU. There’s nothing better than celebrating the end of a long day with 2 cocktails for £5! Can you believe it? Me neither! (T&C’s apply!)
Work and play balance really is important though! I make a timetable of when I’m going to sit down and work and make sure I stick to – which means I have saved hours of drunk crying about an essay due tomorrow that I’ve not touched. Bad idea!

Night out

Big nights out are great – as long as you don’t have them too often!

Once my work is out the way, that’s when the social side of university life really kicks in. It’s the socialising which has given me a deeper insight into other people’s lifestyles, cultures and beliefs which is invaluable to understand and appreciate.

Whether I curl up in bed and watch the next episode of my Netflix binge, play cards with my flat mates or go to the pub across the road, there’s always something to keep me busy. Having things to do and getting involved in University life can be scary at first but it’s the best decision I have ever made. Having friendly faces dotted around the city is such a comfort and makes Cardiff feel like a home away from home.

Dinner time in the flat is always fun! I find that a great way to save money is to shop together and split the cost between everyone. We have saved a lot of money by doing so and have hilarious memories of when things went wrong – for example when one friend added sugar to boiling pasta instead of salt. Mmm!


Cooking together is fun – though it doesn’t always go to plan!

After a busy but productive day, I tuck myself into my bed and rest easy knowing I have another fabulous day ahead of me.

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