August 10, 2017

Chorus Line

Being a student at Cardiff Met is never boring, but today is a particularly busy day, which unfortunately means waking up early! I am not a morning person, but I’m actually looking forward to my 9am session today as I’m really enjoying the module!
Thankfully my student house is quite close to campus, so after a 10-minute bus ride I’m ready to start my day. Drama is always fun, especially when we’re working on performances, and sometimes we’ll play a game or two before we get started – it’s lovely to have a class that you can have a laugh with. You never know what to expect in a drama session; we could have a lecture about the history of theatre, a practical session learning about lighting, or spend the time rehearsing with a script or devising our own work.

Lighting Rig

The University theatre during a technical run

After a high energy drama session, I have an hour-long break, which I usually spend reading. Next, there’s an English lecture, which means a quiet hour for me to listen and take notes. Lectures can be a bit formal sometimes, but they are really interesting. The information from lectures will help to make the seminars more interesting too, as everyone in the group will be discussing those topics together, so it is worth paying attention so that you can join in!
Once the lecture has finished, I have time to grab some food, so I’ll either grab a sandwich in K1 and read while I eat, or I’ll meet friends in Centro (the SU up at Cyncoed) and relax for a bit. The food in both places is really good, and more importantly, cheap!

K1 is nice and cheap!

Technically I’ve finished uni for today, but I’ve still got work to do. As well as working on any essays that might be due soon, there’s seminar preparation every week, and there is so much to read that if you think you’ve finished it all, you’ve probably forgotten something!
I usually do my work in my bedroom, sitting comfortably on my bed with music in the background, as this helps me concentrate. Enjoying the subjects I study definitely helps my motivation to work too.

Our first university drama performance!

A couple of hours of work is all I have time for today, as I have to be at rehearsals. As a Drama student, I would like to get as much experience in the performance industry as I can, so I am part of a musical theatre company called Kinetic Theatre Arts, founded by Kris Crowley.
Kinetic stages a range of productions throughout the year, so there is always something to rehearse for! I have had so many amazing opportunities to both perform and stage manage with Kinetic, it’s such a wonderful company and family to be a part of and I love it!

The cast of Rent, Kinetic’s most recent performance

Since it’s been such a busy day, I probably won’t do much after Kinetic rehearsals, but on other days, there is plenty to do around Cardiff – so I might find myself meeting friends for drinks, going to the cinema or maybe even playing mini golf. For now though, I’m going to sleep, ready to do all of this again tomorrow! See you on campus soon!
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