February 1, 2018

You’ve submitted your personal statement, applied for University, and now you’ve been offered an interview at Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) – congratulations! All the boring admin stuff is over and now you have an excuse to travel the country and show your art around! Make sure to plan your journey and prepare yourself with everything you need before hand – you want to be relaxed and enjoy your time!
When you get to the main campus, a Student Ambassador will take you over to the School of Art and Design, where all of the art courses and workshops are based. In the reception area you will be registered and your heavy portfolio will be taken off you – a relief I’m sure! This is so the tutors can have a look at your work by themselves and get an idea of what you’re interested in as an artist or designer. By the doors is an exhibition space as well – feel free to have a look at whatever’s on! A lot of the work is by graduates, students and staff of the school.
Whilst you wait for your interview, you can pop up to the Heart Space, our ‘common room’ area, and grab a drink and relax. You would have been given a wristband when you registered with your course on it – look out for people with the same one as you so you can break the ice before the interview starts! You’re all in the same boat, and you feel so much more relaxed once you’ve broken the silence. When it gets to the time of your interview, your course will be called out and you’ll be whisked away to a different part of the building.


As you can tell, we’re not too serious here – so relax!

Here at CSAD we are a community – we work together across disciplines, courses, ages, and even other schools or organisations. Our interview process reflects that – every course differs, but most have a group aspect to part of the interview. In Fine Art – my course – for example, you’ll have the opportunity to do a workshop with some of our tutors. This not only relaxes you into the environment and lets us all get to know each other, but it gives you a chance to find out what our teaching is like and whether it’s right for you. You might also get to take away something you’ve made and learn something new!
Depending on your course, you’ll either then have a one on one interview or a group one where you’ll be able to discuss your work and ideas. The tutors will of course ask you questions, but don’t forget you can ask questions too! It may sound daunting, but there’s no need to worry. It’s very relaxed, and see it as an invaluable opportunity to discuss and present your work, but also receive feedback and ideas!

There are some amazing spaces in our building – be sure to check it out!

You’ll also get a grand tour of the building while you’re here. You can see all of our amazing workshops and facilities, and even have a cheeky nose into what students are working on. And that’s the end! You should hear back from CSAD very soon. It’s a really fun and worthwhile day, you should get a lot out of it and have a great time! You learn a lot, get to meet loads of new people (some of whom you well may see again!) and most importantly for me, you are treated not as a student, but an artist.
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