August 21, 2018

Moving into halls when you start University can be a nerve-wracking experience! In a lot of cases, you’re moving a couple of hours from home to a place you’ve only ever visited on an open day, where you may not know anyone. However, I can assure you that it really isn’t that bad, and moving in can be the catalyst for you having the best University experience possible! Here are some tips that can help you have a fantastic experience in halls at Cardiff Met, just as I did!

Decorate your room



Bring a few of your favourite things with you and your room will soon feel like a home away from home!

It’s easy to freak out when you first unlock your room to see it empty, with bare walls and just the standard furnishing! Since it will be home for the next year, it’s worth decorating to make you feel more comfortable. From hanging up fairy lights to bringing three computer screens for gaming. From big TVs to rugs for the floor, I’ve seen lots of different and novel ways of decorating rooms in halls! For me, I pinned pictures and tickets from events to the pinboard over my bed, whilst also bringing my own lamp and my favourite Manchester United blanket for my bed – bliss!

If you’re not busy – open your door

The majority of halls have fire doors for all rooms, meaning that they close automatically. So, coming home to see a corridor full of closed doors can feel a bit weird it has to be said. In order to combat this, then, I suggest investing in a door stop in order to prop your door open. By doing this, you show your flatmates that it’s okay to come and chat, catch up on the days events, discuss any evening plans. Of course, close your door if you don’t wish to be disturbed as you’re working or taking a nap, but having an open door leads to a closer bond with your flatmates!

Go out and explore


Club night

Nights out with your flatmates are always loads of fun!

When moving to a new place, it is important to explore the local area, so why not do this with your new flatmates? It can be a great way to bond to with them! I don’t just mean the pubs and clubs (although in Freshers’ week, that will happen!), but places such as museums, sport arenas, local parks, even just the local supermarket! You need to know everything that’s around you so you can have a brilliant living experience, because there’s nothing worse than living in a town or city you hate. So go out, explore and bond with people!

Join in residential activities


Ticket Stubs

The Met Res Life programme offers loads of opportunities to go to events, including gigs and sports matches.

Halls of residence are great as there’s always something going on, be that flat parties or other events organised by residents, or activities run by residential reps to enhance the student experience! At Cardiff Met, we have the Met Res Life team who organise social events for students in halls. Such events that have run in the past include cinema trips, free tickets to sport events, visits to museums and many other activities. These are designed to give students the opportunity to make new friends, explore the city and just to have fun! The programme has developed massively and is becoming more popular year on year, so it’s definitely worth it!
So that concludes my tips for moving into halls. Doing things like I’ve suggested gave me an amazing experience that I hope can be followed by many more people in the future!
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