February 1, 2018

Marie Liebelt

I always wanted to study abroad and Cardiff Met offered me the perfect opportunity to do so. I did a two-year internship in Germany as European Secretary and I was offered the possibility directly to enter the third year of International Business Management at Cardiff Met. It was an easy decision since it was the best way to fulfil my dream of studying abroad and get my Bachelor’s Degree (if I wanted to do the Bachelor’s Degree in Germany, I would have had to study another three years). Moreover, I informed myself about Cardiff Met before I decided to go and it seemed like a very good university with great reputation.
Before I came to Cardiff, I got a lot of support from the university. They answered all the questions I emailed them within a very short time and gave me a list of landlords so I could find good accommodation.


The university were very supportive both before and after I arrived

After I arrived in Cardiff, the university offered courses on academic writing (which I had never done before and anyway, the German way is different), and there were lots of activities where you can take part in university life. I am now a Course Rep, which is very interesting – I learn a lot about the university, the way it is organised and how students are, or can be, involved.
The best thing about my course is probably that there are many international students from all over the world. I study with people from France, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland and many other countries. This mix of cultures makes it really interesting.
Millennium Centre

Cardiff Bay is a beautiful part of the city

I also really like the modules I chose. There is a great variety of different modules to choose from, but I guess my favourite module is International and Global Marketing with Kath Mutter as lecturer. She really knows what she is talking about and gives you a lot of information in every lecture or seminar. There are times in some modules when you think you did not learn anything new in the last lecture, but this is never the case with Marketing.
I think it is always good for the career if you have worked or lived abroad. On the one hand, studying at Cardiff Met will help me because the university has a good reputation, and because of the high quality of the education students receive. On the other hand, I learn a lot about myself and how to deal with challenges in a country that is not my home. It can be hard sometimes to live so far away from home since everything is slightly different. But I know it will help me in my career, because I have learned a lot about problem solving. It will (hopefully) be easier for me to understand other cultures because of this.

The sunsets can be amazing too!

I really love Cardiff. It’s a beautiful, small city where you have everything you need. You can see and do so much, like visit Cardiff Bay if you fancy a day near the sea or just take a walk in Bute Park. Moreover, you have lots of possibilities to go out at night or to go shopping. To be honest, I’m not the type of person that goes out to party a lot, I prefer to stay at home with a good book or take a walk in the park. However, you have all the possibilities you can imagine in Cardiff.
But I guess the thing I like most about Cardiff is the people. Everyone is very nice and polite, even if they don’t know you and this is a very rare thing in Germany.
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