November 3, 2016

The Students’ Union at Cardiff Met is in place to represent our students and give them a voice within the University. It also offers opportunities to get involved in societies and sport (both competitively and recreationally), offers venues for coffee breaks, lunch and social gatherings in the evenings, as well as a SWIPE student discount card, the UMAX training and development courses – and much more!

When I arrived at Cardiff Met a few years ago, I knew two things; I wanted to study sports science and I wanted to play football. Six years down the line and I’ve been lucky enough to do both of those things and so much more than I could have ever imagined when I left home.  For me, the University experience has been about my development in every area; academically, within sport, socially and on a personal level – and the Students’ Union has played a vital role in all of this.

The UMAX programme in particular (which is run by the Students’ Union) is one of the key reasons why I’ve ended up in the role of Vice President today. It’s also something which I made use of far later in my time at Uni than I could have. UMAX offers four main services to students – a JobShop, a place to find volunteering opportunities, advice and support on a wide range of subjects, and The Cardiff Met Award, which is an initiative designed to boost students’ employability when they graduate.

I started attending the UMAX employability workshops in my effort to earn a Cardiff Met Award. Having the chance to attend these alongside studying for my Masters in Applied Sports Psychology really opened up my eyes to some of the shortfalls I had. Through the workshops, delivered by industry experts and paid for by the Students’ Union, I picked up lots of new skills, and they included things like the correct use of social media and networking tools like LinkedIn; how to perform in interviews; and how to deliver presentations. The experience really boosted my confidence and my network of contacts – investing a bit of time in myself professionally was one of the most valuable things I’ve done since being at Uni, and I definitely feel more prepared to enter the world of work as a result.

My involvement with the Students’ Union has played a big part in why I’ve enjoyed my time at Cardiff Met so much. I’m hugely grateful for the opportunities I have had to play sport, undertake training and development, socialise, and eventually end up in the role of Vice President. My top tip to any new student arriving at Cardiff Met would be to get involved with a society or club, and try as many new experiences as possible. Ask any graduate, and they will all tell you the same thing – you’ll never get a second chance to take up all of the opportunities that are offered to you whilst you’re at university, so get stuck in!

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