August 21, 2016


Two of our graduates, Carys and Kelsey, tell us about their summer working at Glastonbury music festival as part of their BA Events Management  degree at Cardiff Met.

You did four weeks of work experience at Glastonbury as part of your degree, and got to witness the event take shape from the very start – what was that like?

Kelsey:When we arrived, there was nothing – it was just empty. Then, to see everyone come in and set themselves up was pretty amazing!”

Carys: I worked on the third largest stage, West Holt. I learned how to rig the stage with the lights, learned about trusses, and the different kind of attachment techniques – which you’ve got to get right!”


Kelsey in the Glastonbury operations office

What was the most inspiring part of the experience?

Kelsey: “Going onstage and looking out at the crowd and watching the artists, knowing that I was part of that and setting it up was amazing, and something I’ll always remember. You meet all of these different people, and know that maybe one day if you keep in contact with them, you can work for them.”

Carys:Putting theory in to practice; you learn so much on the job and you just have to use your initiative; it opens your mind, makes you think big. “

Cars gets to grip with the rigging

Carys getting to grips with the rigging

After your time at Cardiff Met, how do you feel about a career in Events Management?

Kelsey: It doesn’t feel like work! I absolutely love it. You get so much out of it – seeing everyone; the atmosphere, the crowd, the people you work with is just amazing.”