August 24, 2017


Results day hits, August 2016, and I find out that I have not done as well in my A Levels as I should have. I’m upset and wondering where do I go from here… Sound familiar? Results season can be a stressful and frustrating time, but do not fear!

Cardiff Met was actually my second choice uni, and I am so glad I ended up coming here.

Of course I was gutted when I found out that I had not achieved the right grades to get into my first choice. Personally, if I don’t achieve my very best at something, then I feel like a failure. So, not getting into my first preferred uni like the end of the world to me.

I hadn’t even come to visit Cardiff Met, and so when I arrived on moving in day, it was even more scary for me! The initial shock of realising that I was going to be living in Cardiff, a completely unfamiliar city, was worrying.

But you soon realise that the support you get from your family shows that they are still proud of you, and that you should be too. At the end of the day not everybody does get a place at Uni. I realised that I was still going to Uni, and that I was still really excited!

I was told time after time that it’s not the University you go to, but it’s how much work you put into your degree and all those extra-curricular bits and bobs that make your CV look great! That’s why I am so glad that I came to Cardiff Met. I may not have had the invaluable opportunities that I have had here, like becoming a student blogger, at my first choice Uni.


I even ended up on a poster!

What I will definitely say is you never know what’s around the corner! Coming to Cardiff Met meant a change in subject – doing an English and Media degree rather than English and Sociology – and I am 100% happy that I got to try Media. I love the subject. It’s become my career path and something that I am really passionate about – something I would never have found out had I got those perfect grades last year.

Going to your second choice university may not be your initial or preferred plan, but it certainly isn’t going to ruin anything. It’s only really a slight change of plan and will most likely lead you somewhere just as exciting.

Wherever you go, keep your head down and work hard and you’ll be able to say it was all worth it in the end!

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