October 17, 2017


I’m just embarking on my final year at Cardiff Met, and I have made some wonderful Halloween memories here. With the 31st not far away (yes – I’m very excited!), I will share with you how you can have a great Halloween at Uni…


What a terrifying bunch!

I’m not sure if it’s a Cardiff thing, or if students in general just love Halloween. I’m not the biggest party goer, but when October rolls around, there are just no excuses! The streets come alive with anything from zombies, to Harley Quinn’s (that was big last year), to every Disney character imaginable. When it comes to dressing up, there’s really not a right or wrong way to do it. It’s basically another freshers’ week, just with a lot of fake blood and weird contacts this time. And there’s really no such thing as an outfit repeater when it comes to fancy dress, as much as Kate Sanchez would like to think (if you know you know).


Halloween is always a great night out in Cardiff.

Usually, choosing what venue to go to on a night out takes a lot of deliberation, but on Halloween, literally every club is buzzing. Personally, I think Pryzm is great for this particular occasion. There’s so many rooms, and you’ll definitely meet some characters (literally!). Last year I went as the Black Swan, and ended up meeting another swan in the same outfit as me! Can I add that Pendulum may or may not be playing there this year too – pretty exciting! There were far more Wednesday Addams’ around than expected, and I think I even spotted a Boris Johnson…

Black Swan

Ok, so I wasn’t the only Black Swan – but who cares, it was great fun!

If Halloween is one of your favourite social events in the calendar, like me, you’ll want to make the most of it. If you’re not feeling like hitting the clubs, you could always throw your own party in your halls or student house. Last year my friend (who is now my flatmate), hosted a fab party. You’d be surprised how far some fake cobwebs, blood, and plastic sheeting can go! Watch out for the punch bowl though, that stuff is strong!

party at home

LOVE a Halloween house party!

If you’d rather opt for something more chilled out, there’s always Cardiff Castle Underground Cinema. They’re offering a range of spooky movies this year which run from the 30th October, well into November. I would recommend to book in advance though to avoid disappointment! Tickets are pretty affordable, and it’s a change from your standard local cinema experience.

make up

You don’t need an expensive costume – just a bit of creativity and some make up can look great.

If you haven’t already decided what you’re doing for Halloween this year, not to worry! Sometimes last minute plans are the best. Although, I’d advise getting your costume more in advance than the evening of… (guilty!). Also, sharing is caring – mix it up and lend and borrow with your friends. The more outfits the better! Oh and remember to take lots of pics, it’s always fun to reminisce…

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