July 24, 2020

Libaan Hassan headshot

Hello, my name is Libaan Hassan and I recently graduated with a First Class Honours from the BSc (Hons) Software Engineering course at Cardiff Met.

I chose to study Software Engineering because of the wide range of career opportunities available to graduates. I already had some experience with Java from my younger years, when I used to play a MMO called RuneScape. A couple of people I’d met on forums and I created a private server which replicated the game with rules that we chose. This sparked my interest in Software Engineering.

I have always had family in Cardiff, and saw moving away from home (Bristol) as an essential step to grow out of my comfort zone and adapt to a new environment. So Cardiff Met seemed right up my street!

The three years I spent at Cardiff Met have been amazing. I came to university knowing no one, but immediately started to connect with people that had similar interests. The course has been brilliant overall. I started off with little to no knowledge, but soon found myself improving thanks to my lecturers.

Libaan Hassan headshot
I am the first in my family to graduate from University – and with a First!

A few modules stood out to me, which covered building for the web, principles of programming and advanced programming. All of these modules were stimulating, gave me a foundation of practical knowledge to build off from theory, and allowed me to understand how the research process works. I also enjoyed working on a group web development project for one of my modules. It definitely taught me how to work in a real team and how to use frameworks such as the software development life cycles to create a final product.

For my Software Dissertation Project, I decided to build a Twitter bot that automatically tweets from set lines of code written in Python. These tweets were then analysed to show how much of an influence artificially intelligent bots can have on public opinion. The bot was able to gather likes, retweets and replies from other Twitter users – all while posing as a normal human being.

This pandemic has been a hard time to finish off my degree. There were times when I panicked due to the uncertainty of the circumstances, but the support from my supervisor proved invaluable. Dr. Simon Thorne gave me the guidance that I needed to create the best possible version of my dissertation. Everyone on my course was supportive, and we all pitched together to make sure we were catching up with one another and giving each other the boost that we needed.

Ever since lockdown began, I have been using the extra time to work on my coding skills, build my own personal portfolio website, and joining in on virtual internship experiences such as the Bright Network technology internship experience. I’m now hoping to hopefully get a graduate role so I can further develop my skills and become part of a tech community that continues to grow.

All in all, I am over the moon about the results I was able to achieve at Cardiff Met. I am the oldest sibling and first family member to graduate from university, so it’s a big deal for me.

The advice that I would give to anyone starting or continuing the Software Engineering course is to most definitely enjoy what you’re being taught, and to always build off the knowledge you acquire in the course by learning independently. Look into YouTube tutorials and other resources to learn more by yourself.