June 3, 2019


Hi, I’m Grace and I am currently a second year studying BSc Sport and Physical Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University on Cyncoed Campus. These past two years have gone by so fast I’ve not only learnt a lot but also been provided with a multitude of opportunities to get involved in throughout my time at Cardiff Met.

Deciding to go to University wasn’t a done decision upon leaving sixth form, I was completely unsure on what I wanted to with my life and the career path I wanted to take. From an early age I’ve been involved in adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking so sport has always been something I’d had a keen interest in. So instead of progressing straight from year 13 to university I chose to take a break from education and train as a ski instructor in Canada, everyday I was doing something I loved and enjoyed going to work everyday. During my time in Canada I fell in love with the teaching side to my job, having had clients from 3-70 years of age, seeing the learning process take place before me and knowing I had a role in their development. Having discovered a love for teaching I chose to apply for a physical education degree back in the UK.

Grace Fowkes enjoying Cardiff Met Cyncoed Campus

For me choosing which university to go to wasn’t actually too difficult, I’d proven that I could be away from home for long periods of time so distance wasn’t really a factor in choosing which uni to study at. Cardiff Metropolitan was my first-choice university, it was far enough away from home in the East Midlands of England but also close enough that if I wanted to visit home there’s only one change on the train. I’d visited the city itself prior to my gap year and liked the fact that although Cardiff is a city, it doesn’t have that city feel that London and Birmingham have. Cardiff is more spread out and generally not as overcrowded, almost giving a large town feel rather than that of a city.

The university itself was a great fit because of the world class facilities on campus, the range of sports and societies available to get involved in, but also the module pathways available in the Sport and Physical Education Course. By taking the Sport and PE course I wasn’t constantly tied to Physical Education modules and was provided with the opportunity to learn and understand other areas of sport such as Sports Development, Sport Ethics, Sport Performance Analysis and so many more. Having this choice enables interests in other areas of the sport sector to develop, equipping me with greater knowledge and understanding of the sector upon leaving university.

Using the knowledge and understanding of the sector that the Sport and PE course at Cardiff Met has provided me with and that I continue to develop, I have been able to gain a position on the The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) youth panel. CIMSPA are responsible for professional development of the UK’s sport and physical activity sector with the aim of encouraging the nation to be more physically active. The language and terminology that is used throughout lectures and seminars, as well as the assessment points in the course have equipped me with the skills to present, represent and carry myself in a professional way in a professional setting. These types of skills are essential to have upon leaving university and progressing into the everyday working world.

The past two years at Cardiff met have been brilliant and I’m excited to see what third year brings!

I still have an enthusiasm for teaching, however the staff within the Sport and PE course also understand that interests develop throughout your time at university in other subject areas, which is certainly what has happened with me. The opportunity to take other modules as well as obtaining a position on the pilot of the CIMSPA youth panel has unearthed an interest in Sport Policy, which is the career avenue I hope to take with teaching still being a part of my life but as a part time coach rather than PE teacher.

The past two years at Cardiff met have been brilliant and I’m excited to see what third year brings both in learning experiences and opportunities. As a Sport and PE student of course, I would recommend the course, but as a Cardiff met student, I would just simply say take every opportunity that is available to you as you never know what they may bring about.