September 24, 2019

Group of Cardiff Met International Students

In my second year, I got an opportunity to become an international student ambassador and help international students settle into the university and the city and make sure they have a great experience being a part of Cardiff Met, just the way I did. I was very excited to be a part of the team and take on responsibilities. As a fresher, I too was enrolled by an ambassador and the team has always been very helpful & being a part of the same team made me feel privileged. It was great work experience.

I picked up students from airports and assisted them to their accommodation, enrolled them onto their respective courses, made them aware of the city and facilities available at the university. Along with my colleagues, we organised activities and trips for international students. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of all the adventures. We were taken to Tenby, Brecon, London and many other beautiful places. I interacted with students from different parts of the world and learnt about their culture, music, food, lifestyle and other things which was very interesting. We learnt how to embrace the similarities and respect the differences. Three of us even started a society called Cardiff Met Asoc which organised events for all Asian students.

The number of events that happened in Cardiff meant it had something for everyone. We had no reason to really miss home except for our families. For festivals like Holi and Diwali, there were celebrations held in Cardiff itself which was very close to how we celebrated at home. The university itself organised many events to cater to our needs – performances, food, rituals everything was organised traditionally.

Students in Cardiff at Christmas
The city feels even more lively and beautiful during Christmas time.

I explored the city of Cardiff in depth. I familiarised myself with every corner of Cardiff. The eateries, shopping hubs, event venues, nightlife, everything. This city is a treat, a student heaven in other words. It’s affordable too.

Every day has more to offer. It is a city that has something for everyone. And the best city for a fulfilling experience as a student. This city has become home to me and it’s been a close knit family being a part of Cardiff Met.

Cardiff is a world in itself where people are sincere and carefree all at once. The warmth of this city is what makes it so beautiful. Every day has a certain festival or event and this city can never be dull despite the Welsh rain! The city feels even more lively and beautiful during Christmas time. You cannot leave Wales without trying Welsh cakes, or watching a rugby match. This city is big on sports and Cardiff Met has some of the best athletes in all of Britain.

Student Group in Cardiff
You get attached to the city, the university, the people.

From my first day here, I never felt a like a foreigner in this land. Alongside a good education, I got the best student experience. As a student this is the best city I could choose to live in.

It was an amazing overall experience both on and off campus. It was an emotional roller-coaster, but if I ever got the chance, I wish to relive it all over again. It’s a feeling that you don’t get over. You get attached to the city, the university, the people and you don’t want to leave because you’ve found a new home, your safe place.

Thank you Cardiff Met and this beautiful city for making these years the best days and the best memories of my life.