December 7, 2016

Halls life is an important part of the university experience and it is a great way of meeting so many new and different people – I have loved every minute. I’m originally from Ireland so before coming to Cardiff, I did not know the city or how to get around, but I’ve settled in very well.
I have lived in Plas Gwyn halls for my three years at Cardiff Met, as I decided to stay on as a student warden for my second and third year. I really like the location as it’s near to the Llandaff campus where I study, and everything I need is within walking distance – including my part time job in the local village of Llandaff.
Being a student warden means I have some more responsibility, but I still have plenty of time for socialising. One of my favourite parts of the role is meeting new students during fresher’s and moving everyone into their flats (click to watch video).
Life in Plas Gwyn is never quiet and the social side of life in halls is not to be missed – though earplugs are useful when you want a quiet night in! It’s also been great that everything is included in the rent, so there were no extra bills to pay for Wi-Fi or heating.
We also have great accommodation staff on-site at Plas Gwyn. They’re always friendly and happy to help with anything – from being locked out of my flat to maintenance issues.

Some tips for life in halls:

  • At the beginning, remember everything is new to everyone – not just you; Be friendly and outgoing. Talk to as many people in the first few weeks as you can, as it soon settles down and people get into their routines.
  • Use all the facilities on offer – at Plas Gwyn, there is an IT suite that is great to get some late night essay writing done. There’s also a games room with a 50inch TV and pool table, perfect for a movie night with the flatmates or watching the rugby.
  • It is ok to be homesick at times – I rarely get homesick myself, but I’ve lived with people that miss home a lot more than me, as it’s their first time away from family. If you find yourself in this situation, be supportive of them – maybe distract with a shopping trip to town. After all, it could be you needing some support the following week.
  • Always try to be tidy – there’s always that one flatmate who leaves their dirty plates out for a week and trust me it annoys everyone. So do your washing up and hoover now and again!
  • Go to class, and stay awake – life will be easier if you stay on top of your work. Don’t let it all build up. That way you will still be able to do other things you want and not stress about the work you are meant to be doing.

Read more about what it’s like to live in student accommodation at Cardiff Met, or check out the video below: