October 4, 2018


As a girl from Utah I have to say Cardiff is very different than what I’m used to – in a great way! I took a train to Cardiff from London and fell in love with the beautiful green countryside.
Once I got into the city I was immediately charmed. I love that everything in the city centre is within walking distance, but it’s not too big and busy. It’s the perfect size. The locals are nice and friendly, plus it’s just so cool to me that there is a giant castle in the middle of the city!


Not something you come across often in Utah!

The nightlife and amount of things to do in Cardiff really impressed me. There are so many clubs, pubs, cafes, and yummy restaurants. Definitely something for everyone. Oh, and did I mention Welsh cakes? Cause they are delicious. Just one of the many perks of being in this city.

Welshcakes are not exactly healthy but they do taste great – especially when they’re still warm!

Freshers Week at Cardiff Met (the first week of school) was so fun! There were fun events every day and night like Met Fest, Freshers Fair and nights out. I also learned all about my course, and what to expect while I’m here. Freshers Week is a good opportunity to meet new friends. There are also so many clubs and societies to join if you wanted to. I made a lot of friends my first week and we had fun exploring the city and campuses, going to events, shopping, and even figuring out the bus system together.

To be honest I was quite nervous about starting school. I’m studying graphic communication, and I was intimidated at first. I wasn’t sure if I was going to fit in or make friends. But my first few days at the Cardiff School of Art and Design were so fun! I can definitely tell that the lecturers are passionate about their subject and really care about every single student. They even gave new students a tour of the city!


Getting creative sometimes means making a mess!

My classmates have been very fun and friendly. I had to step a little bit out of my comfort zone, but when I did and introduced myself, they have been very welcoming and inclusive.
I have also enjoyed talking with some local Welsh people. They told me all of the things to do, places to go, and foods to eat while I’m in Wales. I have also learned a lot about the unique culture and history of Wales. It’s such a cool country.
Animal Wall

Love the ‘Animal Wall’ near the castle!

I’ve been in Cardiff a couple of weeks now and I feel like I’m settling into the city and finding my place. Of course, it takes time to make new friends and figure where everything is and how to get there. I just had to give myself some time to adjust, and there was a lot of support from Cardiff Met along the way. I honestly feel like if I ever had a question about anything or just needed someone to talk to there is always someone to help.

I’m already making lots of new friends from all over the world.

I do miss Utah, but being in Cardiff is a great opportunity to learn about the world around me, and about myself. Cardiff Met is going to be so fun–especially with all of the friends I am already making from all over the world!

I think I’m going to enjoy my time here!

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