April 26, 2019

Beth Nesham - Sport Management

I graduated from Cardiff Met in July 2018 after studying a BSc in Sport Management. After three year of hard work, I graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree.

I had been part of the Young Ambassador Programme prior to starting Cardiff Met, the programme was not inclusive of higher education therefore myself and a colleague decided to set up the HEYA’s (Higher Education Young Ambassadors). The aim of the programme was to offer young people volunteering opportunities in sport through their time at University. This was positively supported by Cardiff Met SU. During my time on the programme I was exposed to a wide range of volunteering opportunities that helped me develop a skill set transferable to the work place.

As part of my studies I was encouraged to take on as many work based opportunities as possible with the aim of making the transition between university and a job less daunting. Although I had quite a clear idea of the career path I wanted to take after graduating my time in industry made it clear as to the areas of Sport Development I did and didn’t enjoy. This made applying for jobs easier as I had a clear direction and a good understanding of the Sport Development/Sport Management industry.

As the end of my final year approached I felt it was a suitable time to start applying for jobs. I had told myself that post-Christmas I would start keeping an eye on the jobs that where around and if there was a job I really fancied I would apply, even though at this point I was unsure how this would work with my studies, dissertation, exams etc.

The role of volunteer coordinator at Welsh Cycling came up and due to my extensive experience of working with volunteers and having volunteered myself, I felt this would be an ideal role for my skill set. I was lucky enough to get offered the job and was asked to start part time, two days a week, from March with the intention of becoming full time once I had completed my studies.

During this time I was approached to take on an interim role with Badminton Wales as their Events Officer. I was responsible for planning, delivering and reviewing three of their major events that were due to take place between January and May. I did this role two days a week, the job was flexible to fit around my studies and university commitments and Welsh Cycling Role.

This meant that for a period of time I was working four days a week while completing my studies. All of this was extremely busy but very exciting and meant I had a range of opportunities lined up before graduating and a secure full time job. Cardiff Met where extremely supportive through this busy time and offered guidance for time management and support of balancing this workload.

I am now working full-time for Welsh Cycling and based at the Wales National Velodrome in Newport, working on a variety of projects such as the British Cycling ‘Let’s Ride’ initiative – leading and inspiring people to rides all over the country.

Beth Nesham - Sport Management
I am based at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales in Newport.

My time at Cardiff Met was a brilliant three years and years I will always remember as being very positive. If I can recommend anything it would be to take every opportunity that is available to you. Take it with two hands and use it to your advantage.