February 26, 2016

When you arrive at University, the chances are it won’t be long before you are asked one of the following questions:

  • “Do you play BUCS?”
  • “How did you get on in BUCS?”
  • “Shall we go and watch (insert team here) in their BUCS game?”

You might be asking yourself what on earth everyone is on about!?

BUCS stands for British University and Colleges Sport, and Wednesday (if you haven’t come across this word before) is a day of the week! Put them together and you have BUCS Wednesday. This is hands down the best day of the week at Cardiff Met’s Cyncoed Campus!

The University have over thirty sports that you can play competitively, and many more that you can play just for fun if you have a more laid back approach. However, if you don’t participate in a BUCS team you are expected to spend your Wednesday offering moral support for your fellow Cardiff Met teams.

A typical BUCS Wednesday will involve representing your team (and winning, because that’s usually what Cardiff Met do) watching and supporting others, and then heading to the Students’ Union (SU) after, where the majority of teams will meet up to discuss their results and performances.

The SU then plays host to a range of socials, and if your team books in early, you can have an area reserved just for you so you have enough space to ‘play’. Many a beverage shall be consumed on campus before the majority of teams then catch the free bus to town. BUCS Wednesday continues in SODA – a bar in the city centre that has a night dedicated to Cardiff Met students called Replay. It is not unusual for BUCS Wednesday to turn into BUCS Thursday here, with most people celebrating into the early hours!

As a member of the women’s football team and being in my third year of university, my Wednesday starts early – before I can get excited about a game, I have a two hour lecture! After that a few of the team meet in the SU to get coffee and food before we meet up with our coach. She likes everything to be meticulously planned and so we often meet up about two hours before kick-off. When we enter the changing room our kits are laid out for us in number order and the tactics board has the starting 11 written up. After a brief team talk, we have the company of Justin Bieber or the latest X-Factor performances on the speaker to get us in the mood. Once we are all kitted up, it’s out to the pitch to warm up and play.

The womens’ football team is one of the most successful teams at Cardiff Met, and so the expectation is always high. Home games are the best because we often get a relatively good crowd of people watching which makes for a nice atmosphere. After the match we all congregate in the SU and have a couple of drinks to celebrate before heading home to get ready for the night out.

So there you have it, a whole day of sport, followed by a whole night of partying. Now can you see why BUCS Wednesday is the best day of the week? 🙂