May 11, 2016

Going to Open Days is a very important part of finding out what University is best for you. Obviously you can look through the University prospectus, but for you to really know what to expect and whether you actually like it or not, it’s best to visit! 

I work as a Student Ambassador for Cardiff Met, so I work on many Open Days and have a good understanding of what happens. Although it can be very nerve racking meeting your potential lecturers, and trying to ask the questions you want answered when another 100 or more people are all there with their own questions too – it’s worth making the effort!

To start off the day, there will usually be a Welcome Talk by important people of the Uni (obviously relevant to your course). They will talk a bit about the University as a whole, and give you an introduction into what the Open Day will entail.

You will then go off with your course leader who will provide a talk on your course and a tour of the facilities available at the Uni. This is an important part of the day as you can speak directly to your future lecturer – this may be your chance to prepare yourself for your up-coming interview and give you the info you need to answer any course related questions. Make the most of this, and get a feel for how the course will be. You may even get to meet some current students, so talk to them and ask any questions you might have  – these are the best people to speak to as they are the ones who are actually living the life and learning the course.

After this there should be a lunch break – here you can mingle with staff and students and fellow visitors – another good opportunity to get a feel of the University. This lively, busy atmosphere will show you what it will be like during term time, so it’s good to see if this is what you want! During this time the Student Ambassadors will also provide campus tours so you can see the Student’s Union, Library and other parts of the Uni that you will encounter if you decide it’s the one for you!

In the afternoon part of the Open Day, there will be talks available on Opportunities Abroad, Finance and Student Life. I recommend attending all of these talks! The finance Talk at Cardiff Met is one of the best I have encountered from my University visits (and I went to a lot) and my parents still remember it now because it was hilarious – but still very informative! The Student Life talk is also a good one, as you have the opportunity to ask questions to the student ambassadors about  general student life – anything from “how do you budget”; to “what is the nightlife like?”. 

At the end of the day there are accommodation tours available –  the Student Ambassadors will take you on a bus to see one of the available university flats. Although they can often be messy as there will be students living in them when they show you; it feels more homely and ‘lived in’!

Overall the day is busy and tiring, but it is totally worth it if you want to know exactly what you are signing up for when going to Uni. Make sure you ask all the questions you want answered and most important of all, enjoy it!

For more information on Cardiff Met Open Days, and to book your place on the next one, click here.