July 26, 2016

Private halls are much like the halls provided by Cardiff Metropolitan University on campus, however the ones on campus are mainly offered to first year students. After your first year you have to search for new accommodation such as living in a shared house, or moving in to privately-managed halls (this means halls run by another company, not by the Uni). During second year I was in a shared house with my boyfriend and two friends but after this experience, I can now see the benefits and the ease of staying in halls!

1. Bills Included

Most halls have bills included – this is so helpful as you have a fixed cost every month/term and this allows you to budget and can work out a lot cheaper, too! It also means you can have the heating on all the time in winter and use as much electricity as you need, without worrying.

2. Security and safety

Halls usually have 24-hour security which means that someone is always there to help, whether you have locked yourself out, have any general questions or need help dealing with emergencies.

3. Post

Ever ordered a parcel and not been in to get it? When you live in halls your post goes to the office where you can pick it up which is great when you’re out during the day at University!

4. Things will get fixed

Living in a house private last year, I learnt that when things go wrong and you are not in halls (e.g. a blocked toilet or a broken light bulb) there may not be anyone there to fix it for you – or pay for it! In halls, all you need to do is let somebody know and it will get fixed usually within 24 hours.

5. Friends

In halls you can meet loads of new people along side those who you are living with, which is great for house parties and nights out!

To find out more about where I will be living next year, check out this video tour!