June 26, 2018


During the last two years, I can absolutely say that studying at Cardiff Met has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has guided me where I needed to go for my career, and I’ve had so many unforgettable social experiences.
Studying here is very different to my home country, Vietnam. It’s more challenging but also very friendly. Being in a foreign country forces me to study harder, adapt faster and of course, learn to speak English better.


I’ve loved my time in the UK so far!

To be honest it is not always easy for an international student like me to use their second-language all the time. But I always feel at home, as I know that my university lecturers are there to help and guide me in my work.
My English is much better than before, and this helped me to find my first work placement in my second year.
Cardiff Met gives me lots of opportunities to prove my ability. For example, in my second year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and join the Cardiff Met International Student Ambassador team.
Met Fest

Helping out at MetFest during Freshers’ Week

I really enjoyed helping Freshers to have a great first experience at Cardiff Met. This job was such a nice experience for me as I got to meet new people and learn about different cultures.
Because I’m studying on a hospitality course, the experience I’ve been able to gain from working in hotels, restaurants and venues has been very important to me. It has helped me to know which job I want to do in the future, as well as helping my CV to stand out.
The Careers Service at Cardiff Met has helped me enhance my CV too. I remember that the first time I went there to ask for help, my CV lacked some significant information and needed a lot of work. Now it’s much better and more professional than before. I update it on a monthly basis now following the Careers Team’s advice, and thanks to this I’ve been successful in getting a hospitality internship in the United States – I can’t wait to go!
Cardiff Bay

Exploring Cardiff Bay

Besides studying, I’ve spent my spare time travelling around the UK and learning more about British culture – especially Welsh culture. Spending two years at Cardiff Met has given a great opportunity to know learn more about it in a friendly environment.

Venice was an amazing place to visit!

Eventually my goal is to travel around other European countries too. The Schengen Visa process was quite confusing when I first applied, but the Cardiff Met International Office helped me understand every step of the process. When I finally had my visa in hand, I was so happy as it meant I could fulfil my goal of travelling to a new land and learning lots of new things.
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