January 18, 2018

Mollie jumping

Living in Cardiff Bay isn’t all that typical a thing for a student. But I’ve managed to make the most of my time there by exploring all it has to offer, including the pure serenity of the water. Here is a list of some fun ideas to check out during your time as a student, after all there is more to Cardiff than just campus and the city centre!

1. Take a clifftop walk


Penarth is just around the cliffs from Cardiff Bay.

A round trip to Penarth will take just under 2 hours starting in Mermaid Quay walking the bay to the Pier. It could be just what your body and mind crave during the school year. However, be aware of the tides and especially the weather, since it seems to have a mind of its own around the bay! If you aren’t sure of the route, download Google maps and throw it on Airplane mode if you want a walking guide (service can be spotty near the cliffs).

2. Play golf – indoors!

Do you enjoy golfing but can’t seem to find the time or afford it? Maybe you’ve never learned how to play? Tee It Up is an indoor golf simulator down at the bay that offers lessons or open sessions for an affordable price. Whacking a club may be just what you need to get some relief from stressful days and change up your routine a bit!

3. Find a hidden gem

World of Boats

The Lookout Cafe has the best sunset views in town!

The Lookout Café and Bar at the World of Boats attraction is by far, one of my favourite spots in Cardiff; just a 10-minute walk from the Millennium Centre, nestled right on the water’s edge. On the days we have sunshine, it’s the best place to grab a glass of wine, beer or tea and watch the sunset over the bay. It’s almost as if you’re in another country – a place to let your mind wander and feel free.

4. Eat, drink, bowl, and watch a movie all under one roof

Spend an evening at The Red Dragon Centre! It’s a great facility full of all sorts of entertainment. Perfect for a date night or out with friends since it offers bowling (at student rates during the week for <£8!), pool tables, a variety of restaurants, movie theater, coffee shop and my favorite, the ice cream at Cadwaladers.

5. Just breathe

Bay view

The view over the Bay is gorgeous on a sunny day.

Last but not least – and maybe most importantly, for your own health and happiness: research has identified that being near water reduces stress levels, promotes mental calmness and clarity and even can improve sleep quality! Spending time at the bay will be in your best interest for your well-being, as long as your stops in the delicious restaurants, ice cream shops and lovely pubs are in moderation…

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