January 15, 2018


Before starting university a lot of us will have worked full-time or part-time jobs alongside other studies and there’s often a lingering question of whether or not to work while you’re at university. I’m here to share my thoughts and advice on working while you study!


I work part-time at a hotel in the city centre.

To start us off, here are some of my pros and cons to getting a job whilst at university:


  • Extra money.
  • Adding value to your CV.
  • Gets you out of the house so that you’re not sat inside every evening watching Netflix. Or if you’re someone who will stay in and just study all the time it can give your mind a bit of a break.
  • Making new friends (who might not be students).


  • Making sure hours don’t get in the way of uni work.
  • Not leaving you much time to yourself.
  • Potential extra stress in a job you don’t enjoy.

Having a part time job means you might make great friends outside of uni (perfect for Christmas party photobooths!)

Personally, I’d really recommend getting a job while you’re at uni but to make sure it’s only a small contract or a zero hours contract. You really don’t want your job to have a bad effect on your studies and it can be difficult to find a good balance, so start with something small and see how you get on.

Just remember that your studies are important so don’t stress yourself out. Find a job you enjoy and you don’t mind heading to after a day or week of lectures.

Comic Con

Perks of the job – having fun with Deadpool at my first Comic Con (which I managed to get into for free through work).

Tips for job hunting

  • Go for a zero hours contract – this way you’ll be able to go home for Christmas and the holidays, visit your family and not have to worry about getting time off.
  • Don’t just look online – take your CV and a smiling face into a few places and see if anyone is hiring.

Don’t forget that there are often jobs available at Cardiff Met itself, from working in the SU bar to being a student ambassador on open days to writing blog posts! The latter is very flexible and enjoyable and even though it may not be a steady income it’s a nice amount to top you up every once and a while when you’ve done a bit of work.

If you decide you’d like to work while you study then I wish you luck in your job search!

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