October 5, 2017


The social side of uni does contribute a lot to how much fun you have. The cheap student-priced drinks and new places to explore make it SO much fun, and of course, you want to make new friends. But let’s not forget that going to Uni is really about achieving academically and passing your course. So, you, the worrying school/college student, need to know exactly how to balance Uni work and social life! Here we go:

1. Use your free periods


My timetable during first year – use those gaps wisely!

I know, I know, you will have heard this so many times throughout school or college. However, now you are old enough (and cool enough) to enjoy brilliant days and nights out in an exciting new city, so, this advice will benefit you in two ways. One – getting your work done in the day time can free your night up to spend with friends, drinking, laughing and having fun. Two – you won’t be worrying about rushing to get your work done before going out. One of my friends in first year decided to write his essay during pre-drinks in our kitchen, on our kitchen table… whilst we played beer pong! I admire his commitment, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

2. Read little and often

At Uni, there is undoubtedly a lot of reading to do. One way to cope with this, along with all the other work, is to do it little and often. If you have one huge chapter of a textbook to read, don’t leave it all until the night before. I know, I know – cliché – but seriously, just do two or three pages a day. It makes life so much more stress free and allows guilt-free time to go and explore the shops, clubs and bars of your new favourite city.

3. Work on weekends when you can

Night Out

It’s so much cheaper if you have your nights out in the week – and it leaves the weekend free for those essays!

An important thing to note is that the weekend is a brilliant time to get your work done. For those who are interested in spending as much time as possible going out that’s great and all, but I would seriously avoid Saturday nights as they are much too expensive! So, if you are deciding between fun with flatmates, or writing an essay. Always remember, you do have the whole weekend to get it done. Just make sure that you DO the work when the weekend comes.

4. Make the most of the library

A quick tip to ensure that you truly do get your work done: make yourself work in the library instead of your bedroom. This way, there are less distractions and you are more likely to be motivated to work with lots of other students working all around you!

5. Remember to take a break

Bute Park

A walk through the gorgeous scenery at Bute Park is such a relaxing way to take your mind off those impending deadlines!

Lastly, being a successful student doesn’t mean all work and no play. Even during your exam or essay writing times, remember to destress. A brilliant way to do this, especially in beautiful Cardiff, is to go to one of the parks, such as Bute Park, where you can soak up the sun in the summer or go on a scenic walk in the winter.

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