February 22, 2019


Prior to coming to Cardiff Met I heard a lot of myths about uni life that I have since discovered to be completely false. Here are a few common misconceptions about uni life, and why you don’t need to worry about them!

1. “First year doesn’t count”

Even though to pass you only need 40%, it’s harder to do than you think as a lot of assignments involve independent research. I promise you that flicking through the lecture slides and copying notes will not suffice. See first year as a practise run – you’ll find second year a lot easier if you have nailed the skills needed in first year.

2. “Everyone starts university at 18”

You don’t have to be straight out of college or sixth form to join university. Plenty of students have taken time out of education to go on a gap year, an apprenticeship, a career change or just because University wasn’t right for them at the time. University students are a diverse range of ages and backgrounds – one of the reasons why it’s so great.

3. “I have to drink If I am going out”

Even though having a few pints at the pub or crazy pre drinks may be up your street, it’s not for everyone. You really don’t have to drink to still have fun and meet new people. Even though drinking may be encouraged – your true friends will respect the fact you don’t want to drink.

4. “I’m going to live of beans on toast”

With student friendly cookbooks and an array of online budget recipes for students, there is no excuse to not cook yourself a delicious meal. If you’re not so confident in the kitchen, try and cook joint meals with your flatmates! You can learn from each other and try lots of tasty (and nutritious) meals too!

5. “You need to move away from home to experience University life to the full”

Staying at home while at university can save you so much money and doesn’t mean that you can’t experience uni to the full. As long as you get involved, you’re bound to still have lots of fun!

6. “You meet your best friends in Fresher’s Week”

Even though you should get involved with as much as you can during Fresher’s week, it’s definitely not the be all and end all of your friendships. Even if you don’t seem to click with your flatmates or anyone on your course, there are so many ways that you can make friends while at University. Joining a society or club in the SU is probably the best way because you’ll be able to meet those who have similar interests to you. Take a look at our SU page for a sneak peek at some of the fab things you can get involved in.

You’ll probably end up hearing a few more myths about going to university, none of which you should worry about. No matter what things you might hear about university life, just be prepared to work hard and have fun and you’ll have a blast!

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