February 18, 2019

Hi, my name’s Jake and I’m a second year BA (Hons) Marketing Management student. It’s my third year in Cardiff, however, as I completed a foundation year at the Cardiff School of Management (CSM).

This blog will explain some of my favourite things about the course – not all of them though, as there’s too many to mention!

1. The Marketing Management course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM); the world’s leading professional marketing body. This is widely recognised in the industry and will give you instant credibility when you look to be employed after graduating.

2. If like me you melt under the pressure of exams, you’ll be happy to know that the course is predominantly coursework-based, with only a couple of exams at the end of each academic year.

3. One of my favourite things about the course is the freedom you’re given with assessments. For many, you must select an organisation or brand of your choice and apply relevant academic frameworks to it. As a food lover pursuing a career in food marketing, I usually choose food brands; but the beauty is that you can focus on anything you want, depending on your personal interests.

Image of BA Marketing Management student Jake Stacey
I love having the freedom to focus my studies around brands that really interest me!

4. The team of marketing lecturers at Cardiff Met are extremely helpful, going above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable with the requirements of the course. They tutor you with an emphasis on applying marketing theory in a practical sense, which allows you to develop vital skills most important to your future employer(s).

5. In my second year there is a real focus on independent study which allows more flexibility with your schedule. I love having the freedom to make plans with friends and really enjoy Cardiff outside of university!

6. Many industry experts make guest appearances at lectures. They have a fantastic insight into what is required to make it as a marketer and offer valued advice on almost all aspects of the industry. In addition to this, the university’s Centre for Entrepreneurship organise many events centred around business, some of which are very interesting!

7. If it appeals to you, you have the opportunity to study abroad for a year at any of Cardiff Met’s partner institutes, or to work for a year in industry. This allows you to learn in a different country and immerse yourself in a different culture, or to earn money and gain work experience whilst also having a break from conventional learning.

In short, I only have praise for the BA (Hons) Marketing Management course and I’m an advocate for it. If you stick your head down and enjoy the content whilst balancing your social life and ‘me’ time alongside – you’ll have a great time here!

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